"It took a long while. But I had plenty of time."


A Chronian from Concordia in Universe-425. He tried to kill Ben of this universe but failed. Each time he failed, he would go back a few weeks and try again. He gave up after 4 failed attempts deeming this Ben more trouble than he was worth.


He wears a black and purple robe with a helmet of the same colors.

Powers and Abilities

Time Manipulation: Chronians have the ability to warp time. Eon can pause, rewind, speed up, and slow down time.

Portal Creation: He can create portals to any dimension at any time by waving his hand.

Magic: He has learned magic.


Body Deterioration: His Chronian body slowly deteriorates with every large use of his abilities, and eventually turns to ash. Eon found a way around this by possessing Omnitrix-wielders through-out the multiverse.


Omnimatrix: Eon unlocks the Chronian transformation for the Ben he has defeated. He stores their body at his base. When they become an adult he possesses their Chronian transformation and turns on the Life Form Lock. He has repeated this many times.




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