Eon is the Cheesecaketrix's DNA sample of a Chronian from the planet Chronia.


Eon has a lavender body, with darker lavender arms with crystals on the sides of them. He has black, robotic legs and his head is indigo, with a silver helmet part with his eyes in it. Eon wears the Cheesecaketrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Eon has the ability to travel through time, he can travel through alternate timelines and alternate dimensions, although excessive use of this ability can cause him to age faster and become weak. His time attacks are very dangerous, as they instantly age anything he touches. He is capable of teleporting and opening time portals. He also has laser vision.

He is also capable of producing an energy sword, and can fire beams of energy. He can also fire shockwaves.

Eon is stronger than he looks, he is also quite agile.

Eon is extremely intelligent and because of this power, he can create machines.

Eon can generate a type of crystal that can create a void which sends villains back in time.


Using the "travel to alternate timelines and dimensions" power too much can cause him to age faster and become weak.

Eon can be destroyed if slashed with a sword.

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