Eon is a villain in the series 40: The Last Splixson. He is a renegade Chronian and an enemy of the League of Paradoxes. At some point, he became the emperor of the boundless Antiverse.

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Other Info
Crimes: Attempting to prevent the League of Paradoxes from rectifying the paradox caused by the destructiuon of the Milky Way (Race Against Time)

Attacking the Web of Time (Dead Time)

Goal: Going Against the Fates (Race Against Time)

Escaping the Antiverse (Dead Time)

Abilities: Chronokinesis




Energy Blasts

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Intelligence

Enhanced Reflexes

1st appearance: Race Against Time
Arch-enemy: Fred, The Time Continuum Task Force, King Timascus
Henchmen/Leader: Eon's Servants

Anti-Creatures (Dead Time)


After TemperNet and Hyperion had destroyed the Milky Way, Eon went the Capital of Time, Chronia, in order to prevent the League of Paradoxes from rectifying the paradox that it created, as it was against Fate. However, he and his servants were defeated by Chrononaut.

Later, he somehow got himself trapped in the Antiverse and became its emperor. When the New Splixsons were brought to life on planet Hathor, they became a living paradox and gateway between the Universe and Antiverse, enabling the Anti-creatures to attack the Web of Time, and Eon the opportunity to escape.

King Timascus warns Fred about this and they travel to the Antiverse to end the paradox and Eon, for good. Fred and Deck encounter several Anti-creatures that attempt to set them off their course, however, they still make their way to Eon, Castle Obsidia, and engage in a gruesome battle to which Fred is the victor.


A black metal crown encrusted with a crimson crystal rested on his head; on top of a black suede undershirt and pants, he wore a luxurious midnight fur gown. A rapier gleaming with a dreamy phosphorescence hung from his waist, and his boots and gloves were weaved with silver embroidery. On his back, he wore a long cape that was a dark tone of purple. 


Eon has the ability to travel through time. He is also agile and quite stronger than he looks, as he was able to withstand Busholdier's whip, albeit breaking his hand.

Eon is also very proficient with his rapier that was able to slice even through Prince Extremely Hairy's thick furry armor.

He is intelligent enough to have used the paradox of the New Splixsons' creation as an opportunity to escape the Antiverse, even though his plans were foiled.


  • Eon isn't capable of using his time travel powers to escape the Antiverse, since it is a timeless universe.


40: The Last Splixson

Eon wants to stop the League of Paradoxes from rectifying the paradox, however, he is defeated by Chrononaut.

Eon is now the emperor of the Antiverse. He uses the gateway between the two universe, which is a result of the New Splixson Paradox, to attack the Web of Time. King Timascus warns Fred about this and they travel to the universe of Anti-Time. Eon is defeated by Fred, after a heavy and difficult battle.

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