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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 16
Affiliations Albedo (formerly)
Psyphon (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Advanced Intuition
Enhanced Memory
Exceptional Leadership Skills
Freestyle Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Intelligence
Spontaneous Learning
Equipment Omnitrix (formerly)
Ultimatrix (formerly)
Aliases Ben Tennyson
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance Twilight

Formerly known as Ben Tennyson, Envoy is one of the main antagonists in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. Wanting revenge against Professor Paradox.


During the first season, Envoy appears as a black, silhouette, blurred figure. His features are barely, if not hardly, seen. When he reveals himself, he wears black attire.


Due to his recent complications, Envoy has a very keen and dark personality. Willing to betray his own servants when he deems them to be of no use to him anymore.

Powers and Abilities

While inside the trans-dimensional void, Envoy was able to communicate through different points in time. He was also able to send other people to alternate timelines and parallel universes.

Envoy was able to transfer his temporal injuries he sustained to Professor Paradox, improving his health significantly.

These abilities are no longer possible now that Envoy is back in normal space.


No longer having access to the Ultimatrix, Envoy relies on his other skills to get him out of a physical confrontation.


After the events of the Alien Force finale, The Final Battle: Part 2., Ben was infected by a cluster of parasites that were attracted from the Omnitrix. When it was destroyed, they moved into Ben's brain, unable for him to create new, long term memories. As time passed, Vilgax learned that Ben was suffering from the condition and was able to escape Earth, and create a devastating weapon that would destroy entire planets. Despite forgetting everything that's been happening ever since his memory loss began, Ben decides to join Gwen and Kevin. Despite their best efforts, Vilgax was able to destroy Earth. Leaving only a few thousand survivors.

With help from the Plumbers, the surviving member's of Earth were able to settle down and create a colony on a planet that would be safe from Vilgax's tyranny. Gwen decides to take care of Ben on the colony. Kevin on the other hand, leaves, determined to find a cure for Ben.

About a decade passes. Ben wakes up and talks to Gwen, still unaware of all of the events that took place. Gwen explains everything that happened after he was infected. Ben is overrun with grief and sadness that we was unable to stop Vilgax, but Gwen says that there was nothing he could of done. Later, Kevin arrives, announcing that he was able to develop a treatment for Ben. A slow, delicate, but effect process that would allow the parasites infecting Ben to be removed. One cluster is removed completely, but not all of them at the same time, doing so would cause serious mental trauma to Ben.

After observing his test's, Kevin finds out that the image's he took on the cluster he removed from previous visits matched the one he just took recently. Indicating that the parasites didn't just vanish in the present, but also in the past. Leading to the conclusion that by removing all of the clusters, history would be altered. Ben would not have memory loss in the first place. Later on, the human colony is attacked by Vilgax's forces. Gwen is able to hold them off long enough for Kevin to complete the procedure, destroying all remaining parasites. Thus changing history. The forced removal of the parasites, threw Ben outside of normal space, and was trapped in a trans-dimensional void. After learning how to manipulate matter and energy in the void, Ben was able to change his physical appearance back to 16 years. Seeing how spending a decade of life when hardly remembering any of it was a waste of life on his part. Eventually, Ben came to the conclusion that Professor Paradox was responsible for the events that occurred, seeing how he had the power to prevent the destruction of Earth.

As a result of being thrown out of normal space and time, Ben started suffering from a condition which caused his body to have painful injuries. Scarred and disfigured, Ben started operating under the name Envoy. Recruiting Albedo, and later Psyphon from the corrected timeline to do tasks related to time travel and alternate timelines. These events attracted the attention of Professor Paradox and Envoy's counterpart from the changed timeline. At the end of the season, Envoy and Ben met each other face to face, where he explains his backstory, and had a brief confrontation before escaping.

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