Genesis: Chronocle
Season 1, Episode 3
GCEP03 Enter the Plumbers
Air date December 20, 2014
Written by NickFusi0n
Directed by NickFusi0n
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Enter: The Plumbers is the third episode of the first season of Genesis: Chronocle.


Nick and Vulk are introduced to the plumber organisation and are sent to investigate strange alien activity in the forest.


[Camera shows a shot of Nick's house and zooms in the window. Vulk, in his dog form is banging on a door with his front leg]

[Vulk] Are you ready yet?

[Nick walks out]

[Nick] Yep, ready.

[Vulk] Come on, we don't want to be late for the plumbers meeting. Are you excited?

[Nick] No... maybe... so we're finally meeting this organisation you keep talking about?

[Vulk] Yes, trust me, the plumbers are amazing.

[Nick] Yeah... I hope they're not the kind of plumbers I think they are.

[Vulk] And what do you think they are exactly?

[He morphs into his normal Loboan form]

[Nick] Well... here on Earth, a plumber means a guy who repairs broken pipes and stuff, you know what I mean?

[Vulk] ..."English" is a weird language isn't it?

[Nick] If it's so weird then why do you speak it?

[Vulk] I don't, I use my built-in universal translator.

[He opens the backyard door and walks out]

[Nick follows him]

[Nick] So hold on one second... you've been talking to me the entire time through a TRANSLATOR?!

[Vulk] Uhm, yes. We don't bother to learn other planets' languages. Who has that kind of time?

[Vulk walks in his ship, which is cloaked for everyone but him and Nick]

[Nick follows him, looking confused]

[Nick] So where are the plumbers exactly?

[Vulk] The Plumber Base is several hundred feet below the surface of your forest.

[Nick] Figures, weird stuff always happens there.

[They take their seats and the camera switches to a ground shot of the ship, which quickly takes off]

Theme Song
Time... Space... two omnipotent forces. Forces that must be kept in balance at all costs, and if not... The End is still premature.

[The scene shows a close-up of the Ne-O. The camera zooms out slowly to reveal Nick's hand, followed by his entire arm, and then his whole body. The camera moves behind him and shows Aubrey and Vulk standing by his side. In front of them is a gigantic castle-like structure and the sky is a burning red color, giving the appearance of a sunset]

[It then shows a frontal split-screen shot of all of them as they all jump towards the castle as the scene freezes, showing the castle in front of them]


Created by NickFusi0n

[A bird's eye-view of the ship is shown, flying above the town]

[Nick] So... what's it like on your planet?

[Vulk] Well, my species' home planet isn't really a planet. It's a moon called Luna Lobo.

[Nick] Really? Awesome! What's it like?

[Vulk] Well... it's not exactly the brightest planet. We are very much like your wild animals here. Not all of us are intergrated into society, there are Loboan packs, there are good and evil Loboans. And the planet itself is made out of massive spikes of wood. It looks better on the outside anyway.

[Nick] Oh... okay then what's your story?

[Vulk] Those of us who in fact DO intergrate into society, we can be well... sapient for once. I chose to be a plumber to protect my people. Anur Transyl, the planet which Luna Lobo orbits around, isn't exactly stranger-friendly. And I wanted to change that.

[Nick] Okay then... what about the Ne-O and that Chronosapien that chaced you 4 years ago? How did you ever get yourself in that mess?

[Vulk] I already told you I can't tell you much.

[Nick] And why is that? Seriously, if we're gonna be partners, at least tell me WHY...

[He lifts his wrist up, camera shows a close-up of the Ne-O]

[Nick] brought this thing here.

[Vulk] I want to tell you, believe me. But it will be for the better that I don't. But you can be sure of one thing - I didn't give it to you on purpose. If you didn't take it the Chronosapien would have, and then...

[Nick] ...Then... what?

[Vulk] Nevermind, let's just hurry up.

[He accelarates the ship

[Nick, thinking] What is the deal with this guy... seriously...

[A few minutes later, the camera shows a shot of the ship, hovering in front of the Inferno Tides mountain scape]

[Nick] Uhm... why are we stopping? The forest is BEHIND the mountains.

[Vulk] Yes, you see. You're probably wondering how we're going to go so deep under the forest?

[Nick] No... maybe... yes?

[Vulk presses a button on the control panel of his ship]

[A two-dimensional holographic screen appears in front of the mountain scape, facing the ship]

[Vulk] Access Recognition: Izor Vulk, Plumber ID #773

[Holographic Interface] Izor Vulk recognized, Access to Inferno Tides Plumber Base has been granted.

[Vulk looks at Nick and mockingly smiles]

[Nick] Yeah whatever.

[A hole in the mountain side opens and the ship flies through it. The hole closes]

[The camera shows a shot of the ship flying, then the camera goes up and shows the forest]

[The next shot shows the ship landing. A feminine announcer-like voice speaks]

[Voice] Welcome to Plumber HQ, Vulk Izor.

[The ship's cargo door opens with Nick and Vulk walking out of it]

[Nick looks around and sees a huge hollow space with technology and little flying robots carrying various containers]

[Nick] Woah... this place is amazing. Who would think this was below a horror movie forest...

[Vulk] Well, it's-

[Nick] How long has this place existed anyway?

[Unknown] I can answer that.

[A black and blue velociraptor-like humanoid slowly walks up to Nick and Vulk]

[Vulk] Magister Skorost, it's good to see you again!

[They both shake hands]

[Skorost] How have you been, Vulk?

[Vulk] Well, good. And look who I have with me.

[Nick] Uhm... hi.

[Skorost] Ah, you must be Vulk's new partner.

[Vulk] Nick, this is Magister Skorost. The lead plumber on all of Earth and a Kineceleran.

[Nick] Wait, there's other aliens on Earth? I though you said-

[Vulk] Not counting the plumber organisation, of course.

[Nick] You didn't say that-

[Vulk] Really, I thought I did?

[Nick] Why do you keep interrupting me?

[Vulk] Oh, I was? Sorry, I'm usually like this when I'm around Magister Skorost.

[Nick] Because...?

[Vulk] His species are the fastest runners in the Milky Way Galaxy, possibly Andromeda too.

[Skorost] Well, that's questionable. I used to be like that in my early days but now I've learned to take things slow, something which my species are supposedly impossible to do.

[Nick] Wow, this guy's pretty coo-

[Skorost] And one time when I was leading the rebellion against Citrakayah Empire XXVII-

[Vulk] Eh magister, I think you can tell that story later. We're here to introduce the bearer of the Ne-O to the plumbers.

[Skorost] Wait... did you just say...

[Skorost looks at Nick's wrist]

[Skorost] My, so... that's...?

[Vulk] Yes Magister, that's him.

[Skorost] And you think trusting this human child with the most powerful weapon in the universe is a good idea because...?

[Vulk] There was no other way to avoid the Chrono Conflict.

[Nick] ...Yay, more stuff I'm not allowed to know.

[Skorost] So Paradox didn't allow you to tell him about that either?

[Nick] What the.. Paradox? Who's Paradox?

[Vulk] Quiet! He's not supposed to know?

[Nick] You guys wanna stop talking about me like I'm not here, because you see... I am in fact right here.

[Vulk] Good point. Let's get to the introductions.

[Skorost] I believe we're way past that, Vulk. Now then, if you two don't mind, I want to give you two a mission.

[Vulk] Good old Magister Skorost, always does this on Introduction Day.

[Nick] Okay so... what do we gotta do?

[Skorost] As you may know, we keep track of all aliens that are within our range here on Earth. Not counting our already-alien plumbers, there are many exiles here.

[Nick] Exiles... what?

[Vulk] Aliens that crashed on Earth by accident.

[Skorost] We recently discovered that a Splixson crashed inside the forest above this very base.

[Vulk] Splixson... great.

[Nick] Something tells me that this Splixson thing isn't going to be very friendly.

[Vulk] It's not about how friendly it is. It's about how we're going to catch it.

[Skorost] Splixsons are an alien species from the planet Hathor. They possess the ability to clone themselves almost an infinite amount.

[Nick] ...Oh. So what? We just catch the original and be done with it, right?

[Skorost] It's not that simple. Splixson clones don't have an "original". They are all exactly the same, to the very DNA.

[Vulk] In other words, we need to catch any Splixson we can find and have them all in one place before they can merge back together.

[Nick] Okay, THAT sounds like a problem.

[Skorost] Not to worry. We will have a small team of plumbers you will be assigned to. When you reach your destination, you will split up and find the Splixsons.

[Vulk] On it, when do we start?

[Skorost] Anytime, actually.

[Nick] Wait, what about me? I'm not a plumber.

[Skorost] You have the Ne-O don't you? The original-

[Vulk clears his throat]

[Skorost] ...Right. Anyway, as I was saying, the Ne-O already has a plumber system on it, meaning you have what you need.

[Nick] And a few aliens to spare for that matter!

[Skorost] Oh yeah, by the way Vulk, the Ne-O doesn't have Caelum Anguis DNA on it right?

[Vulk] Pretty sure that it's not on there.

[Skorost] Then we have nothing to worry about... off you go! The team has already arrived and is waiting for you two. I've sent the coordinates to your ship, Vulk.

[Vulk] Thank you magister. Let's go Nick!

[Nick] Right!

[They enter the ship and the camera moves up, showing it take off]

[The next scene shows the ship landing. It's nighttime. On the ground, there are plumbers waiting]

[The ship's cargo door opens and Nick and Vulk walk out]

[Vulk] We are here. Now what?

[Plumber] We shall split up to cover more ground. Capture any Splixsons you can find and bring them here.

[Vulk] Copy that. Let's go!

[They all split up. The first one that they show is Nick]

[Nick is walking forward. He then looks around]

[Nick] This place is dark... I got just the thing!

[He snaps the Ne-O and Camineral's hologram shows up]

[He makes a hand motion to the left which scrolls to Teslasp's hologram, he then makes another hand motion which dials up Protosect]

[He slams it]


[Protosect holds up his claws and makes a small energy orb for a light source]

[Protosect] Well, that's better...

[Suddenly he hears something]

[Protosect turns around and aims his other hand at the direction of the sound. A plumber walks out of the darkness]

[Protosect lowers his hand]

[Protosect] Sorry, thought you were someone else.

[The scene switches to Vulk, also moving around. He suddenly stops and sniffs]

[Vulk] Got ya!

[He turns around and charges at a shadowed figure, which is revealed to be a Splixson]

[Splixson] Don't hurt me! Ah!

[Vulk] What... well, there's one. Start talking! What are you doing on this planet? And how many times have you cloned yourself yet?

[Splixson] It's not like I came here by choice! And I CAN'T clone myself because of this thing!

[He has a metal-like collar attached to his neck]

[Vulk] ...

[He puts his hand on his armor's belt and then on his ear]

[Vulk] We got him.

[Protosect, meanwhile] On my way

[Protosect crouches down and a blue light appears]

[Nick] WIND-UP!!!


[He slowly levitates up and quickly "flies" towards Vulk's direction]

[After a few minutes, he reaches him]

[Vulk] Dear Luna Lobo! What are you thinking turning into a Praemiumsapien?!

[Wind-Up] What? Why should I not? Because well I did, as you can see I totally did. Yeah, I did. What's the problem? I see no problem? What problem do you mean?

[Vulk] Ugh... just be careful okay? Anyway, I found our guy.

[Wind-Up] So that's a Splixson?

[Vulk] Yeah, and turns out someone's after him. See that collar on his neck?

[Wind-Up] Can I blow it up?

[Vulk] Yeah it's-wait... wha-NO! Just... keep calm. Anyway, as I was saying. Someone's after him.

[Wind-Up] Like who?

[Unknown] Like us.

Music-icon Soundtrack - Run For It!

[Wind-Up and Vulk look around and see that they are surrounded by hundres of mechanical lizards from all directions]

[The Splixson gulps]

[Vulk looks around with an angry and determined expression]

[Shot shows a close-up of Wind-Up, looking shocked]

[Wind-Up] OH. COME. ON!!

To Be Continued

Major Events

  • Wind-Up makes his first appearance.
  • Nick is introduced to the Plumber Organisation.
  • The Plumber Base beneath the forest is revealed.
  • Magister Skorost, the other plumbers and the Runaway Splixson make their debuts.


Aliens Used


  • Mechanical Lizards
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