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Energybender is an Energivitalian from the planet Xenon. He will also appear in Ben 10: Alien Team.


Energybender is made of an array of colorful gems that are controlled by a purple magnetic force. Energybender's magnetic force cannot to be harmed. He can change his shape at will. He also looks like Rubix Dude. He is the only alien that doesn't feel pain. He can warp metal like Gwen's spells.


Energypresto looks more like mixed gems rather then flying pieces. There is no color. It's all red and green.

Lego Energybender

Ultimate Energybender

Ultimate Energybender is more Chromastone-like. He can control crystals and encase people with it. He can also fire energy. He also can alter earth's magnetic atmosphere. He can use the energy bolts with the power of stars.

Abilities and Weaknesses


  • Control Metal
  • Super-strength
  • Ferrokinesis
  • Shapeshifting
  • Energy manipulator
  • Crystallokinesis


  • Water (he'll sink)
  • Electricity (he is NOT a conductor)
  • Slow and not every agile
  • When he hides, the gems gleam making to difficult to camouflage