You have waited a long time (1 or 2 days)! And it's finally here! Forged together by the finest Galvans in history! Tested with unknown Omnitrixes! And here is the final test.....................ENERGY SPARK ARENA!


  • You must have put 5 Omnitrix aliens in. The chance for it is over.
  • You will fight against your opponent. The person who has made the latest edit on the wiki will go first.
  • You can put what you say and what you do down. But you must put it in the format of Plumbers.
  • In season 2 and 3, some aliens will have secrets about the arena or weapons. I have given them. I know I put two of my aliens in, but I will not give myself a weapon or secret unless I win.
  • If a match is taking too long to finish, then I will make something called an Around Match. This is where another match with 2 different people are made, and they will battle, so there will be two battles around each other.
  • Sometimes I will say that something is a different type of match, like I might say "Water Match!" and there will be water over the arena.

    Alpha and Vilgax, Part 2

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This is the second episode of Ben 10-Generator Rex.


Rex: I was fighting Alpha when Ben and nemesis Vilgax came threw a portal.

Ben: What the…

Rex: So now it’s double trouble, but to make things worse they’ve fused!

Vilgax: Finally ultimate power.

Ben: OMG.

Ben& Rex: But we can handle it!




Ben: Uh… (Transform) Clockwork!

Ben tried getting to his dimension and failed.

Ben: Come on, maybe I’ll freeze him again! (Transform) Articguana!

Ben attempted freezing Alpha Vilgax (lets just call him AV) and failed.

AV: I’m stronger than before you know!

AV shot a laser at Ben. Rex built the Big Fat Sword, Ben getting up is revealed to be Ultimate Big Chill.

Ben: Hey Vilgi, ever consider running on ice flames?

AV: Huh?

Ben shot ice flames at AV and froze him.

Ben: (Transform) Diamondhead!

Ben shot diamonds at AV and he exploded, then Rex got up and built the Battle Saw. Rex and AV had a good old fashioned sword fight that AV won.

Major Events


Ben Tennyson

Rex Salazar



Alpha Vilgax

Aliens Used

Eatle (from the previous ep.)



Ultimate Big Chill


Machines Used

Smack Hands (from the previous ep.)

Big Fat Sword

Battle Saw


Omnitrix Aliens

Season 1

  • TPCG
  • Fart
  • Cannonman
  • Crushtacean
  • Mindswap
  • Harlequin
  • Stick Man
  • Claycreep
  • Velocityraptor
  • Sunstorm
  • Aqua Dragon
  • Neo
  • Overflow (BTUAM)
  • Doomer
  • Ragbag
  • Two Heads
  • Yinyang
  • Mystery
  • Gyrotechnics
  • Pitfall
  • Frosty
  • Silence
  • Swift
  • Dreadcrow
  • Heat Wave
  • Trihead
  • Cosmos
  • Hypnoblaze
  • Clockboy
  • Quetzalon
  • ABC

Season 2

  • Fart
  • MPHinity
  • Pyrology
  • Tracker

Current Match

Cannonman vs. Crushtacean

Completed Matches

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