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*Heat Wave
*Heat Wave

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You have waited a long time (1 or 2 days)! And it's finally here! Forged together by the finest Galvans in history! Tested with unknown Omnitrixes! And here is the final test.....................ENERGY SPARK ARENA!


  • You must have put 5 Omnitrix aliens in. The chance for it is over.
  • You will fight against your opponent. The person who has made the latest edit on the wiki will go first.
  • You can put what you say and what you do down. But you must put it in the format of Plumbers.
  • In season 2 and 3, some aliens will have secrets about the arena or weapons. I have given them. I know I put two of my aliens in, but I will not give myself a weapon or secret unless I win.
  • If a match is taking too long to finish, then I will make something called an Around Match. This is where another match with 2 different people are made, and they will battle, so there will be two battles around each other.
  • Sometimes I will say that something is a different type of match, like I might say "Water Match!" and there will be water over the arena.

Omnitrix Aliens

Season 1

  • TPCG
  • Fart
  • Cannonman
  • Crushtacean
  • Mindswap
  • Harlequin
  • Stick Man
  • Claycreep
  • Velocityraptor
  • Sunstorm
  • Aqua Dragon
  • Neo
  • Overflow (BTUAM)
  • Doomer
  • Ragbag
  • Two Heads
  • Yinyang
  • Mystery
  • Gyrotechnics
  • Pitfall
  • Frosty
  • Silence
  • Swift
  • Dreadcrow
  • Heat Wave
  • Trihead
  • Cosmos
  • Hypnoblaze
  • Clockboy
  • Quetzalon
  • ABC

Season 2

  • Fart
  • MPHinity
  • Pyrology
  • Tracker
  • Mindswap

Current Match

Cannonman vs. Crushtacean

Completed Matches

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