The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

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Energy Revolt is the third movie in the BTFF Cinematic Universe, taking place chronologically after The Black Knight and the main portion of The Hunter, but before the ending of the latter and Tiger Rage. The movie was created by Speedywoman, but the writer was later changed to NickFusi0n. It was later changed again to The Awesome Jack, who directed and produced the film. It was released on June 30, 2013. 


A young girl learns that she has extraordinary powers and that she is not from this world. Raised with the values of her Earth mother, she soon feels alienated because of her unique super powers with "The Spark" as her grandmother calls it   and struggles to find her own place in life. When she becomes an adult, she journeys to discover where her loyalty lies and what her fate must be. But the heroine in her emerges and she must save the world from annihiliation and become the symbol of hope and good faith for all of mankind and herself.


The Story






Part 1: Birth

Unknown Time

There’s a damaged temple in ruins. Inside, is a giant tablet with a carving of a woman with ancient text next to it. As it zooms into the tablet, it cuts to a pink planet with 2 giant rings surrounding it. It then heads downwards, where a huge war occurs.  Multiple ships shoot at each other as Anodites cast spells with their mana, their life energy.  A huge explosion occurs on a skyscraper, damaging the city. As the ships continue to shoot at each other a giant pink blast hits a group of Anodites, killing them.

“ We were once a peaceful race of beings, the Anodites. We fed off the live force, the mana that gave us life. Once, our race lived on an ancient world built on the foundation of the Life Energy. But then, when the people of our world began to get out of control with the life energy, a war occurred. A war that occurred for 3 long years. “ a man narrates.

It then cuts to a court room with 5 men and 5 women looking down at a group of people.

“ In the end of the war, the Council of Anodyne decided to enforce a new policy. Science over Mana. For the good of our future, our children’s future, we enforced this new policy. We developed ships, traveled to the heavens and back, and so on. “  the narrator says.

It then cuts black.

“ For one hundred years there was peace. Then he was born. “ the narrator continues.

It cuts to a gladiator walking down a hall. He walks down with an alien sword, while wearing gladiator armor. He walks down in the armor, reaching the arena. Surrounding him are thousands of Anodites, cheering.

“ ZORAK! ZORAK! ZORAK! ZORAK! ZORAK! “ they sounded as the gladiator prepares to fight another.

The Gladiator runs towards the other one, jumps up as he lifts his sword and… it cuts to the Gladiator walking pass the dead body of the other one.

“ A gladiator, named Zorak appeared in the underground of our world, “ the narrator started, “ inspiring the new generation of Anodyne to fight for justice, order,  liberty, equality, among other things. His followers and fans compared him to another alien hero, one we had learned about in our travels. From the war-torn world of Anur Transyl, the Black Knight. “

It then cuts to a teenage boy walking up to Zorak, the Gladiator and talking with him.

“ A young boy, named Rabernathy, which is my name walked up to Zorak, inspired by him. We would become allies, friends even.  I learned from him, for he also was my hero.  We shared a common passion. Love for the history of our world, and our curiosity of what was lost. However as I learned more about the past, I became increasingly worried about the future.  “

It then cuts to a giant group of followers chanting as Zorak gives a speech, unheard as Rabernathy continues narrating.

“ As time went by, as he left from the Gladiatorial arena to the Political one, his followers grew in numbers.  When he saved the life of one of the council members, he was proclaimed a hero, and became General Zorak. With this new power, Zorak began seeking approval to talk to the Council about his ideals while doing their commands. One time, when the Council ordered Zorak to go to Lanon City, the second biggest city on the planet and ask them why taxes had not been collected from there, chaos struck. “

It  cuts to a destroyed city, rumble everywhere.

“ He wiped out the entire city in an angry city. 7 million souls were lost. “

It then cuts to Zorak, angry as he sits in a chair, inside a cell.

“ He was punished for his crime for 10 years.  “

It then cuts to Rabernathy, older with a woman.

“ Meanwhile, I met a woman named Laraza, and courted her for the last 5 years. We fell in deep love, and soon were united in marriage. Together, we discovered the mysterious Door to Anywhere.  We both loved the same times, and that was what made us perfect. But then…. Zorak’s punishment was over. “

It cuts to an angry Zorak.

“ Angry, he continued his growth of people. Fathers left their children,  young boys fled their homes, and soon General Zorak had an army growing. However, he declared that he would keep peace, so long as the Council would listen to him one time about his ideals. Soon, he spoke to the Council about his ideal for a new world. This is when things went horribly, horribly wrong.  “

It cuts to the scene, with the Council looking at Zorak.  Zorak continues to shout at the Council,  passionate about his beliefs when we finally hear what they are saying.

“ And that… is what I believe Anodyne, and you, the Council should do. “ Zorak tells him.

The council talks, then a council spokeman stands up, and says something.

“ The Council understands the reasons why you want the current government to change, for us to be exiled because of our crimes. We are not innocent, but we have done the things for the greater good. Should this new government be born, we fear it will destroy Anodyne from the inside out. We are sorry Zorak, and we offer peace between us and you. Money, land, anything but what you have asked we will give. But not that. “

It shows Zorak’s face, shocked as Rabernathy resumes.

“ Zorak was shocked, and fled the scene.  He disappeared for a while, and for a little bit of time, there was peace. “

It then cuts to a room. There is a giant wail. A pain that every woman, on every world, every galaxy has felt or will. Another wail fills the halls of an enchanted castle. A nurse walks over to the women, crying in pain. She is in labor. She is with child. Rabernathy stops narrating.

“ You can do it Larzara. You must. “ the Anodite nurse pleads.

Larzara, wife of the noble Rabernathy on the planet Anodyne screams again.

“ I can’t, I just can’t…. “ the mother cries.

“ Larzara, you will listen to me. This is my granddaughter! You will push her out. Or I’ll be forced to use other methods. “ the nurse responds.

“ I can do it “ she says, “ I can do it. “

She pushes one more time, before a baby’s cry is heard. The Mother relaxes as the father barges into the room.

“ Is she alright? “ Rabernathy asks.

“ She is fine. The Child is near perfect. “ the nurse says.

“ Thank you, Grandmother Qumine. “ Larzara says.

What shall her name be?" Larzara, the true mother to the Anodite, murmurs.

The father, Rabernathy, smiles, holding the baby. "Lara." He has a single tear stroll down his cheek.

The next day, Rabernathy is holding his baby. He hands Lara to Larzara.

“ I must go to the Council. “

Rabernathy walks out of a tower walking towards a ship when multiple explosions rock the city. It cuts to the beginning battle scene.  Rabernathy looks at one of the towers.

“ The Council but… Zorak. “

He flies upwards, and starts heading towards the tower, weakening as he uses up his own mana. He reaches the tower, and starts walking down the halls. Slowly, he turns the corner,  and sees no one. However he notices the doors are open. Rabernathy walks slowly towards the doors, worried what he will see. He turns the corner, and sees Zorak, in battle armor, looking at 10 huge piles of ashes.

“ Zorak. “ Rabernathy says.

Zorak turns around and sees him.

“ Rabernathy. Long time no see. “

“ Zorak, tell me you didn’t do this. “

“ I had to. They left me no choice. “

Rabernathy looks at him in horror as Zorak smiles.

“ You remember the legend of the lost temple, right? “ Zorak questions.

Rabernathy looks in even more horror.

“ You found it, didn’t you? “ he asks.

“ I have. And it was interesting. I heard you had a child, named Lara. Turns out… the temple had a tablet. A hero that would fight the chaos that threatened the world. She would defeat the radicals that came,  but millions upon millions would die. Her name … Lara of Anodyne. “

Rabernathy starts to walk backwards.

“ Well… congrats on getting rid of the new order. I should be going now.  “

Zarok smiles as Rabernathy starts fleeing. Rabernathy takes out a device and starts talking to it.

“ Laraza, head to the Door. Qumine, start up the ship and take Lara with you. I’m her favorite. When I give you the signal, the ship will give a beeping noise. “

As Rabernathy turns the corner, Zorak follows, smiling evily. Two of his men meet up with him and continue to follow Rabernathy.

“ Then come in, pick me up, and then head to the door. “ he tells the device.

He continues turning corners as Zorak and his men continue following him.  Rabernathy reaches the dock when Zorak shouts.

“ You have nowhere to go! Nowhere to hide, Rabernathy. “

20 Anodites fly above him, surrounding him. Rabernathy turns around and looks at him.

“ You’ve gone mad, Zorak. “

“ I told you, I had no choice. Lara must die for the better good of our world. “

“ Never. “ Rabernathy says as he presses the device again.

A loud hum starts. As everyone looks over, they see a huge ship flying towards them. The ship shoots red beams at the Anodite soliders, killing them all. Zorak, mad shoots at the dock. The dock breaks apart as Rabernathy falls. The ship goes under him as Rabernathy hits the ship. The ship starts heading to space as Rabernathy opens a hatch, and enters the ship. Inside are two allies, Qumine and a crying Lara. He goes over to Lara, holding her.

“ Let’s go. “ he shouts to Qumine.

The ship starts heading upwards when two of Zorak’s ships start shooting at the ship.  Rabernathy attaches Lara to a mini-seat designed for children next to the commander seat, and he buckles himself in. The ship then begins to spin around, trying to dodge the attacks. They head downwards, going through the streets of the city. 

“ Fire! “ Rabernathy shouts to one of his allies. One of the men grabs a handle, and presses two red buttons. It fires mana blasts from the back of the shp at the enemy ships, trying to destroy them. As they continue across the streets, a skyscraper begins to fall.  Qumine pilots the ship under the skyscraper before Rabernathy shouts,

“ No! Shoot through. “

The other ally begins to fire in the front. They shoot through the skyscraper, flying through.  One of the enemy ships crashes into the building while the other flies through. The ally continues to fire at the other enemy ship when the enemy ship fires. It hits the ship, killing the shooter and damaging it.

Rabernathy looks at Qumine, who nods.

“ I’ll take her. “ she says.

Rabernathy gets up, unbuckles Lara and gives her to Qumine while taking control of the ship. He attempts to keep it upwards as Lara and Qumine enter a pod. Rabernathy looks at his daughter one last time, before pressing a button. The doors close, and the pod shoots out into space. The ship crashes into the ground, exploding as it hits. Qumine cries as she heads towards the coordinates Laraza gave her earlier.  Zorak looks as the pod leaves the planet’s sky. The enemy ship returns to Zorak, and opens up. Zorak jumps in, and begins to follow.

“ The child? “ he asks.

“ Escaped with Qumine. “

“ And the rest? “ Zorak asks.

“ Dead. “

Zorak nods, and then says,

“ Lock on the pod’s coordinates, and follow.  And call the other ships and have them follow us. “

It cuts to the pod, traveling in space. It passes by a red planet, a water planet, and then passes by an Earth like planet near a dark purple area.  It then heads towards a jungle like planet. Entering the planet, they land on a piece of rock near a huge waterfall.  The pod opens as Qumine flies with Lara into the waterfall. On the other side, is a cave. She walks into the cave, after a while reaching a giant room. In the middle of the room is a giant door, with ancient text and symbols on it. Surrounding it are giant cliffs of rock, plants, and next to the door is Laraza.

“ Where is… “ she asks.

“ I’m sorry Laraza. “ Qumine says, giving the child to her.

She bursts in tears, before stopping herself.

“ We must head to a new world. Where Zorak won’t find her. “ ‘

“ Or will I? “ says a voice.

They look over to see Zorak, smiling with a sword.

“ So this is the Door to Anywhere, hmm? Interesting. Very interesting. “

Laraza, angry gives the child to Qumine again, and takes out her sword.

“ Qumine, you know the spell. Open the door. I’ll deal with him. “

Qumine nods, and starts chanting. Laraza screams, jumps up and attacks Zorak. Zorak clashes swords with her,  kicking her over as she pushes him to the rock wall. Qumine begins to glow brighter as she uses her life energy, her mana. Mana shoots out of her palm to the door, as it also begins to glow pink. Laraza is pushed over as Zorak fights. The two continue to fight.

“ I will kill you, Zorak! “

“ Your husband’s death was his fault! He would have rather killed himself then leave with you. “

They continue to fight as Laraza punches him in the face. He then grabs her and shoves her to the ground. Qumine’s spell is complete as the door opens up.

“ Qumine, go. “ she begs.

Lara begins to cry again, as Zorak looks at her.

“ If you leave, I will kill Laraza, I will kill you. I WILL KILL LARA. “

Qumine looks at him, and shoots a mana blast at him.

Laraza gets up and motions for them to go. She blocks Zorak, who proceeds to stab her in the chest. Laraza falls down dead, as Zorak, enraged shoots a spell out.

Qumine and Lara jump into the door as the door begins to shut. The spell reaches a piece of the portal and pulls it away towards him as the doors shut. He grabs the piece, and looks at the door.

“ NO! “ he shouts.

Zorak looks at the piece of the portal, and smiles.

“ I may have lost them for now… but with this… I will find them again. “

Budapest, Hungary
6/28/1980 9: 23 P.M. UTC.

A man and a woman are getting ready to go to bed. As they walk towards the stairs, a portal appears. Qumine arrives, and casts a spell on herself and Lara, and then another on Lara. Lara then changes her appearance to that of a human’s, and Qumine speaks to them.

“ I will not harm you. All I ask… is that you take this child as your own. Protect her, please. I cannot for now. Please, make sure she is safe. “

The man talks to her.

“ We promise, right Lila? “

“ Yes, Charles and I will take care of her. “

Qumine gives them the child, and then resteps back into the portal and disappears.

Shocked, the two look at each other.

“ How’s Lauren? “ Lila asks.

“ Lauren… Lauren Genare. Hello, daughter. “ Charles says. 

Secret Government Base
3/2/2013 4:27 P.M. Pdt.

Project V still remains frozen, now in custody. The tubes attached to his body show the yellow liquids released from his body. Agent Shane Leon stares angrily at the Vladat, as if he has a grudge with the alien. Suddenly, one of the fingers flinched. The FLA leader scrunches his nose at Project V. The two eyes are open, coldly, soulessly, starres right through Shane. It seems as if the menace was intimidating the operating officer.

"My god," he mumurs, thinking it might be conscious.

"Agent Leon?"  a woman asks. 

Turning around, he seems suprised by the MI6 soldier standing there.

"Lauren, I wasn't expecting you." They start to walk to Leon's office.

"I know. Chris Phillips sent me here."

"Why?" Shane responded, irritated at his agent's work.

"He told me you knew about the death of my father. How I lived before-"

"Before the incident." Shane raised his eyebrows. Lauren nods.

The agent stops, thinks how the information is classified.  Soon they reach his desk. He sits in front of his laptop, browsing. Lauren sits in another chair, facing him. 

"I'm sorry Ms.Genare but I just do not have the files about your father." Shane spoke after a few minutes of searching through the database.

Lauren crosses her arms then holds up a file marked in with Turkan letters. "Then why do you have the files of the Turkan soldier who ransacked the archives? Check the online data base."

Shane's expression turned to a frown. Lauren's skin turned a pinkish color. "You know what I'm capable of." She threatens, holding a mana energy sphere.

"We both know your powers are demolished." he nervously laughs.

"Not anymore." Her teeth were clenched. "Slytric helped me regain them."

"Very well, I'll tell you. There was a war between Hungary, your native country, and Turkey, a more powerful contury at the time with better allies. Your father was a general in Hungary's revolt. He left you and your mother for safety reasons..."

Istanbul, Turkey
7/23/1985 9:22 A.M. UTC.

It cuts to war-torn Turkey. Explosions shock the buildings nearby as gunshots are fired.  Two men are shot down by a Hungarian solider as they advance forward.  Gunshots rang in the ears of Charles Genare, the father of a missing child a soldier of higher ranks in the Hungarian army. Battles brewed around the city, forcing the Turkish to retreat as the Hungarians advanced. Lauren, Charles beloved daughter, was kidnapped by the Prime Minister, Sir Istonuel. He remembered when the wall came down.

“ COME ON MEN! BRING DOWN THE WALL! “ a commander shouted.

A giant tank arrives and shoots at the wall as the soliders stand back. Charles, looking onward watches the rubble explode, going into the city as screams of terror begin. 

“ LETS MOVE! “ said another General.

Inside the city, the Hungarians began to divide up into squadrons, with Charles Genare being in a rather small squadron. As they entered the city, they looked for any sign of the enemy. Charles looked upwards at the windows to see terrified women and children.

I wonder how they feel, about us coming in. It’s not like we’re the bad guys though. Right? He thought. 

Suddenly, gun fire broke out in the street. The windows shut and Charles began to shoot with his gun. Fired Cannons started ringing in the air, crashing into buildings and destroying them. Charles aimed for one particular solider and fired. The truth was, he never missed. Never.  

As the hours went by, the city went into chaos as mother and children entered the streets trying to escape. Sadly, only a few survived without being injured or killed in the fight. As the battle went on, the smell of carrion and death swallowed up the city whole and washed it down with the smoke of fired cannons, longing to rest from the eternal battles. 

Charles shot down two men, hiding behind a barrel when shot at from a rooftop sniper.  Charles quickly turned around, and fired. The sniper hid just enough to not get shot at, and then it stopped. The sniper, not hearing anything quietly moved over the edge to see if he was gone. A bullet went straight in his head, making him fall of the building and crash into the ground. 

Eerie screams of dying men are heard. Soon Guerrilla attacks erupted, as Charles raced back to the rest of the Squadron seconds later.  They watched as the Turkish were forced into their base. 

"They have the data files." a Hungarian soldier yelled. 

The Hungarian and Charles both watch a Turkish solider running for his life, towards a building. 

"You two, with me." Charles hollered. 

They sprinted after the soldier. Frightened, the Turkish soldier ran into the building. Charles and the other two Hungarian soldiers chased him in. 

"We've reached the safehouse." One of the soldiers told Charles. 

Charles nodded. He took out a flashlight and started looking around in the dark warehouse. As he looked around, he searched for any sign of the solider they were after.  Moving his eyes around, he noticed a quick flash of a shadow. He aimed his flashlight there, before seeing another one. Turning around to look at his fellow team mates, he used his peripheral vision to watch the Turkish solider attempt to sneak out. He prepared to shoot, and then turned around. 

“ FREEZE! “ he shouted. 

The Turkish solider, discovered departed quick as a cheetah, filled with fear. He, the Turkish soldier that is, shot down one of the two soldiers Charles assigned with him. The two of them run out of the building and towards the Turkish solider. 

“ A jeep! Get in. “ Charles shouts.

Charles opens the door of the jeep with the other solider, and finds the keys. Turning it on, he presses his foot on the peddle, and drives towards the Turkish Solider with all the files. The Turkish solider, now angry shoots a Hungarian officer, taking his motorcycle and zooming off.

As the smell of death and despair filled the streets, the Jeep followed the motorcycle, throughout the city. The Turkish solider jumps off the bike running to the train station, almost desperate to get away from Charles. Charles jumped off the jeep, and continued to run after him, but the other soldier was falling behind. 

"Keep up." he called to the soldier as he throws a walky-talky at him, since bluetooths weren’t developed back then. 

The train started with Charles and the soldier not yet on it.  The Turkish Solider climbed to the roof top with only three more seconds to spare and jumped from cart to cart, heading to the caboose. Charles followed as the solider in the jeep continued to follow the train. They duck down between carts, entering one. The crowd inside take a glance then gives no other interest. Charles and the soldier sat down in two empty seats. They reloaded their weapons. 

"Where is he?" The soldier asked. 

"I don't know." Charles replied, talking to the walky-talky. 

There's a rumble on the rooptop. 

"Come on, we just came down from there." Charles complained. 

"You should hide. “  The soldier suggested. 

"That's probably a good idea." Charles responded. 

The Hungarians sends another squadron after the train. They were driving at illegal speeds on a private property, catching up to the Turkish soldier. The Turkish soldier entered the cart, pistol in hand, scared. Charles shot at the Turkish soldier, revealing himself. The Turkish fires his six rounds, muttered a curse in his language than ran atop of the cart again. The Hungarian soldiers fired at the Turkish soldier. The Turkish soldier ran to the caboose of the train. Charles chased after him. 

The soldier from before stopped the jeep, and took out a sniper gun. He yelled to the train, "I have the shot. Genare get out of the way!" 

It was too late. The melee battle was over, the Turkish shoved Charles in the way at the last possible second. The bullet ripped through his chest, going through his body into the Turkish soldier's. Charles gasped, falling off the train into the river. His blood stained through the river as his lifeless body flew down the current. 

The Turkish limped to the back of the train. The Hungarians shot him down. One climbs aboard, retrieving the data files. 

"Man down!" The soldier who killed Lauren's father screeches, feeling horrified that he killed one of the most important men ever. 

"I-I, t-this is my fault." He says shocked. 

He stuck the gun into this mouth, clicks back. BOOM. 

Secret Government Base
3/2/2013 5:03 P.M. PTD.

"T-That, m-my father w-was killed by o-one of h-his own men?" Lauren outbursts.

"I know it's not easy to take in, but you really need to return to your post." Shane Leon advises.

"My post is in Seattle for now." Lauren confirms.

"But the base there is low on supplies."

"Where shall I go? London?"

"Perhaps." The agent thought out loud. "Before you leave, you should know how you were rescued, the reason why you are still alive today."

"I-Sometimes I have fragments, in pieces but I can never fit it together."

"There's a reason why.  The incident. Your memory was wiped in 2005 by international terrorist assistant head of CHAOS, Gregovich Howard. Unfortuneately he was killed by you without questioning as you were feral at the    time,  making the United States Goverment and myself unable to indentify the technology that was used to clear your mind, especially since CHAOS is a worldwide problem." 

"Tell me how I was rescued." Lauren's tone changed.

"That is a story for another time." The agent tapped his watch, deciding not to share the tale.

"That time is now." the girl slammed her hand down into the table.

"I honestly don't think your ready. What they did to you, a poor innocent little girl. It's horrific."

"Skip those parts. Tell me the post-death story of my father."

"Very well. It continued on in Hungary where..."

Budapest, Hungary
11/9/1987 7:38 P.M. UTC.

Her hand trembles. The loving wife of Charles Genare. The prideful mother of Lauren Genare. Lila Genare, a model. Gone, her life in ruins. She stood atop the bridge, breathing heavily.

"This is it." She  murmurs, closing her eyes. Suddenly there is a firm grip on her arm. It's Agent Mackleroy from Hungary's  M16 Operation.

"We have your daughter. She's safe. Come down from there. It's okay." The Agent told her.

Lila just broke down into tears. "Thank you." she whispers. "Bring me to her."

"Very well." Mackleroy gets into his Jeep, Lila sitting shotgun. "We  are going to a secret post. You musn't tell any others of your witnessing. Your daughter has been recovering for over a week. I have personally made sure of her safety, giving her the nutrient foods and drinks she needs." Agent Mackleroy explained.

"I acccept t-these conditions. J-Just make sure my daughter is okay." She weeps.

They arrive at the destroyed Chapel. "You should be thanking us with gold money and secret files." A soldier spoke, greedily. He snickered at Lila. "Right?" He asked the other soldiers.

Bubba, a soldier, said with pride, "Soldiers work for honor, not gold and riches." 

"I-uh, knew that." The Hungarian spoke with a very heavy accent. Bubba, suspicious, walks over and rips off his jacket. Underneath was a Turkan uniform.

"Excuse me?" Lila asked, not understanding the situation.

"I said, oh wait." He bursted out running. Two soldiers ran after him, one being shot down the other shooting the Turkan traitor. "Got 'em." The soldier, Bubba, said.

Agent Mackleroy nodded. "Bubba over here one of our best men, ain't that right Bubba?"

Bubba nodded. "Oh yeah sir."

Later that evening a treaty was signed, ending the War between Hungary and Turkey. Lauren was in rags and brutally beaten. Her left war was partly cut off.

"Mama," The young seven year old Lauren asked. "I-I wanna go and live somewhere else."

"The rent is to high anywhere else." Lila tried to explain.

"I meant far far away from here Mama." Lauren responded, showing puppy eyes.

"Where sweety?" her mother curved her eyebrows upward.

"I don't know, maybe the Usa?" Her daughter suggested.

"Usa? My darling you mean U.S.A? That'll be way to expensive. How about England? They both speak English. And if we go to England it won't be as expensive so mommy can buy more toys." Lila reasoned with her child.

"Yeah, that'll be nice." Lauren went to bed. She blew out the candle. Her family had no electricity, as they were extremly poor. "I wish I could've helped Pa. Why couldn't it be me? If I were a better child Pa wouldn't have joined the army." Lauren cried herself to sleep that night.

1980's 2:49 P.M. GMT

Over the course of the next few years, many changes happened. Sir Istonuel was brutally murdered in his sleep, causing Turkey havoc and the goverment there had fallen. Experts suggest that it was Mackleroy and Bubba, both of them hunted down and killed in vengeance by the remaining Turkan forces. Hungary took this oppurtunity and destroyed the country completely, taking the land for military reasons on their quest to become the Super-Power of the world. The Genare's moved to London and learned to speak English. Lauren had mastered the language with ease.

In the year  1998, when Lauren was eighteen years old, there was the truth. The truth revealed about Lauren.

Door to Anywhere
1998 7:38 PM

Qumine looks at the dead body of Laraza. She looks at her, as the body begins decomposing.

“ I’m sorry I didn’t save you, Laraza. “ Qumine says.

Qumine looks around, remembering the battle. It haunts her, as she remembers the pain as it occurred. When she went into the portal after giving Lara to those humans, she thought she’d be back here. Instead she arrived on another world. She barely survived there, but she got a ship and spent a long time looking for the door again. Now, she was back. She then looks at the door.

“ I must go back to Lara, she needs me. “

She begins to chant the same spell again, then adds an extra word so it’ll take her to Earth. The door opens, and she enters the portal. 

Northern Canada
6/28/1998 11: 54 P.M. UTC.

Canada. The One Country in the entire world that seems to NOT have any issues what so ever with the United States. Do any terrorists attack there? Is there any trouble there? No. That’s exactly why Lauren decided to go camping there for a few days. To celebrate her new independence as an adult.

Walking away from her camp site in the middle of nowhere, Lauren climbed up a rocky mountain looking.  She looked outwards and only saw the darkness of the night. However, while she could barely see anything, she could hear everything. The wind hitting the trees, the crickets, the sounds of the animal, and a storm a few miles away.

“ I should probably get back to the camp. “ she says out loud, thinking.

Suddenly, she feels a vibration through the ice sheet. Taking a pickaxe, she scraped off the thick ice sheet. Giving up, she decided to try something her mother told her never to do.

For all these years, Lauren had never felt like she truly belonged.  She didn’t know why she had these …. Strange powers but she did. Her mother, worried that if she showed them in the public bad things would happen to her, told her never, ever to use these powers. But now, she was an adult. It was time for her to make decisions. This was one she was going to make.

Nervous, she felt her eyes heat up and then finally, shot out lasers creating a perfect pathway through the mountain. Her mother would've been terrified of her, which scared Lauren.  

You think that’s bad, Mom? Trust me there are others…  she thinks to herself.

After doing that, her eyes cool off, and she feels a tiny bit weak. Suddenly, a giant portal appears next to Lauren, scaring her. Out of it is a  pink and purple colored woman. An alien. The alien’s eyes look at her.  Lauren screams in terror as she jumps back, startled. The alien looks at her, and then gets worried.

“ Calm down! Calm down! Be calm Lara, I will not harm you. “ the Anodite says.

Lauren stops, and says,

“ You’re… really an alien? “

“ Well I guess humanity would call me an alien but yes if that answers your question, Lara.  I am your grandmother. Your real grandmother. My name is Qumine." the Anodite murmurs.

Lauren sits down on the edge of the baby coffin, shocked.

“ That means I’m … “ she starts.

“ As you say, an alien. “ Qumine ends.

Lauren, shocked as she realizes why everything has happened to her has happened.

“ Calm, my granddaughter. It’s alright. “ Qumine says.

Lauren looks at her, almost like she’s in pain.

"What are we? I have so many questions. Why was I sent here? Where am I from? Who sent me here? Can I meet my parents?" she asked.

Qumine sadly looked down. 

"We are powerful sapient beings known as Anodite.  We once lived on an ancient world built on the foundation of the Life Energy. “

“ Life Energy? “ Lauren asks.

“ Mana. It binds all living things together. There was once a time when the people of Anodyne were connected spiritually with the Life Energy. The source of power on the planet. Those were the days. “

It then changes to a small town, with two men using mana to fix the roof of a building.

“ We used the live energy to do the things that we either had a hard time with without using with, or couldn’t at all. However,  we overused the mana. That caused the war. “

“ War? “

“ Yes. The War. The War against Mana. “

“ Mana lost and technology won. We later developed cities, learned more about us, the universe even! With stars like your sun, moons like Luna Lobo, and planets like Earth and Anur Transyl. However, things began to change. The military commander, Zorak, rebelled from the might glorious leaders of our kind. Zorak wanted to control our world, and discovered a temple that detailed infomation about you. When your father learned about this, he fought back, and gave up his life to save you. Your mother and I teleported you to Earth, but Zorak killed her. I sent you to your parents, and then left to go back. I also used my power to make you talk, and look human.  I do not know what happened to Zorak, but for now you are safe. " 

“ Can…. Can you explain how to use my powers? “ Lauren asks. 

Qumine looks at her, and nods.

“ Yes, I will help you Lara.  But you must use these powers for good, for others. Not yourself. “

Lauren nods, and Qumine leads her to the other room.  Lauren pays attention as Qumine goes for hours and hours.

“ Now that you have learned the truth…. It is time for me to leave. I will be in touch, but I believe for now… you are fine. Goodbye, Lara. “

“ By the way, my Earth name is Lauren. Lauren Genare. “ she says.

Qumine then smiles and disappears.

8/27/1998 5:29 A.M. GMT

Lila lay in the palm of her bed, deathly ill. Her skin was a light pale with no color of flesh at all. Her eyes were sunken, dullen and gray. She was near bald, the hair tumbling out in clumps. Lila's nostrils flailed with blood. Lauren knocked on the door.

"La-Laur-Lauren. Yo-You-You're A-Al-Alive." She hacked.

"Ma." Laurned bawled, running to her mother's bedside. "I'm sorry I left. I didn't know what was happening." Lauren sobbed.

"No need for tears now dear. I've lived a good life with no regrets. You still have an adventure or two in you. G-Go. Please don't mourn for me. It's a waste of tears. No remorse either. You couldn't have stopped your grandmother if you wanted too. Please just remember me as a happy mother, not a weak elder."

"Yes Ma of course!' The tears strolled down slowly of  Lauren's puffy, swollen eyes. They glowed pink.

"Very well." The eyelids dropped and the old lady was dead within seconds. "No!" Lauren cried. "No..."

February 1999

The funeral was a tiny one, with only family, no friends. Lauren was put in financial trouble. Soon she was put to the streets, forced to beg. Soon she realized the truth. She musn't beg, she would fend for herself. Her eyes glittered pink.

The next morning two thugs attacked Lauren, trying to steal her pearl necklace, the only remaining possession of hers. Feeling ravished, pink fire ravaged from her eyes. Then there was a whirl of fire and Lauren was in her uniform. There were some differences now. The Spandex was a navy blue. The belt was slick black with items on it. There was a sword handle, but no blade. She grabbed one out.

It looked like a handle. Channeling her energy, or mana, like Qumine had shown her, she created a mana sword. One thug, in shock, starred at her and she blasted him away with mana. The other pulled out a pistol, shooting twice at Lauren.

Confident, her sword cut the two bullets in half.

"Boo," she whispered. The man ran off screaming.

Flying beside him, she sped up and while still flying, punched him over a bridge into the river. The man looked up at her. Soon all the civillians were looking at her. The white hair flapped around wildly in the wind, releasing pink particles into the air.

No one spoke. No one moved. Everyone starred.

Soon after many moments of silence, a little girl asked. "What's your superhero name?" she asked.

Lauren stopped for a moment, thinking. Boldly, she spoke, "I am Energy Revolt.'

To complete the scene without fear, she flew off, feeling good about herself.

Blackmarket Warehouse,

4:27 P.M. Est. 9/3/1998

Qumine was kicked into a chair.

"You were always bound for greatness." a silouhouette murmured. Qumine's shackles were to tight and were stained with her blood. "But then you freakin' lord of praise powers kicked in. You were my number one customer." Gregovich snarred.

"You have no power over me." Qumine spat.

The man laughed, "That's where we agree to disagree."

The lights flipped on. Qumine looked around. There were tubes in her arms attaching to a machine. "Bidders will pay a lot for some fairy juice, if you know what I mean." Gregovich Howard swung at the alien. "You're not ruining my buisness. No one will know aliens exist. "

He flipped a switch, turning on the machine. Pink energy flowed through the tubes, absorbing the life of Qumine. She shrieked in agony, turning shooting lasers out of her eyes. Gregovich hit the deck. Soon Qumine was out of mana. She gasped as her skin turned peach and her hair grey. Soon her whole body was grey. Gregovich blew on her, making the ashes disperse.

"Damn Aliens," Gregovich mutters, "No idea how much potential they have. Better take this to Bisectia."

9/7/1998 Time Unknown

A single man sat on his throne. The man was buff, strong, standing widely at 7'2. He was a crime lord.

"That pitiful fool John Slytric shall fall." The giant grumbled.

"Soon, CHAOS will rise." Gregovich laughed.

Secret Government Base
3/2/2013 6:08 P.M. PTD.

"Gregovich was a Brazilian but was alienated by his family. To his kin, he was a mutant." Shane Leon explained.

"Why?" Lauren asked, puzzled.

"He was obsessed with some sort of steriods. He was always injecting himself with these doses. Soon he grew so different that he was banished from his home. Petrifyed by the side effects, he explored the world, soon becoming obsessed with power. When he died in 2005, Bisectia had chosen a new assistant. You know the rest." Shane explained.

"How did I kill Gregovich? Why did I become a hero? Who was my mentor?" Lauren questioned.

"Meet me tomorrow at the MI6 base in London for the rest of your origin. But first, let me ask you this." The agent stood up. "Between 2005 and now, you've earned six medals during your time as a MI6 operative. Yet you've still had amnesia from seven years ago to now with no recovery. So why do you choose to stay as Energy Revolt? Why help strangers?" The agent asked.

Lauren sat silently, thinking. Shane stands up and turns, preparing to leave.

"You know why?" She asked. He stops. Lauren stands up now. "Because it's the right thing to do."

With that, Lauren sparked in a pink auroa and left the room.

Part 2: Tutelage

M16 Base

3/3/2013 9:43 A.M. PTD.

Agent Shane Leon filed through papers. "You must hurry. I need the papers to support my evidence of the recent attacks with the Martians." John Slytric mumbled, obviously in a hurry. He was a Brittish who was an operating officer of M16. He needs the papers to show his proof of needing a weapon to protect himself for the crimelord, Bisectia, lurking in the shadows.

Slytric was notable for his brave mission. He destroyed a bomb which Bisectia had planned on using. For vengeance and destroying his greatest weapon, Bisecta wants Slytric dead.

Shane sat in Lauren's office. She hadn't arrived yet. He snooped through her drawers. Soon he found a bottle of wine. Then he found a few goblets. He was in desperate need of a drink. Pouring himself a glass, he hears a clink. Looking up, Agent Shane Leon stares at Energy Revolt.

"You don't need to work here anymore." Shane reasons, "MI6 is a failing organization. Meanwhile, the FLA is thriving."

"I'll quit when the time is right. When that is the time, I'll go solo. Partners aren't really my thing." The heroine sat down, pouring herself a drink. "You have no idea how powerful I am." she mutters.

The agent shrugged. "Never know what else is out there. You saw Project V, you know how dangerous others can be." Shane suggested.

Lauren shrugged, "I know your deal Leon. I just spoke to you. No."

"Maybe you need help defeating CHAOS." He improvises. 

"Maybe not." Lauren's pink eyes reverted to normal. Her skin turned peachy. The rosiness in her cheeks returned. Soon, she was in human form again. "Now tell me about Gregovich or get the hell out of my sight." she stares coldly at the agent.

"Very well," Shane replies. "Gregovich Howard had just comitted a large massacre in downtown Brooklyn and Bisectia knew that-"

"Wait," Lauren stopped him. "Continue from where we left off."

The agent nodded. "Of course. So, you had just dedicated your destiny to heroism and...."

Coast of England
6/4/2000 6:34 A.M.

The new heroine flew overhead, searching for trouble. The ships were docked at the bay. There was a glimpse off the sun over the horizon causing a ray of pink overhead. Energy Revolt flew back to London within a few hours, just patrolling. She closed her door and changed out of the spandex into everyday clothes. She had gained a job as a fisher for the Economic-power growing shellfish buisness. 

Staff member Tom Custool, the netting partner of Lauren, had just cruised by. He was running to see the newly found discovery of a rare type of shrimp the crew had just caught. When the excitement was over, Tom swept by Lauren and winked at her, returning to his post. Lauren didn't considered themselves dating but it was obviously she liked him, and vice versa. Tom smiled at Lauren as she was leaving that day.

"Hey," he stopped her. "Wanna go catch a bite?"

Lauren thought. "Yeah, that sounds nice." she smiled.

M16 Base
3/3/2013 9:56 A.M. PTD.

"Skip that part. Skip it now." Lauren commanded. Suddenly, she remembers the death of Tom.

Shane shrugged. "Very well,"

Lauren screamed, falling to the floor. Memories overtook her mind, engulfing it. Her whole body seemed devoured by the memories, those horrible memories.

Unknown Location
6/6/2000 Time Unknown

Bisectia pounded his fist on the arm rest of his throne. "Gregovich." He hollered. "Gather a probe and take a squadron of my men to cause havoc for the big city. Maybe then Slytric will reveal himself. We are atleast still a decade away for my plan to commense god dammit."

Gregovich nodded. "Lee, Choke, Plug, Techno, Rex, Bust, Claw, Dunk, with me." Gregovich called in the best men.

Lee was of great descent from an ancient Japanese leader, who was aressted for a felony. He had stolen the Galasyrum, a liquid which was worth at least one million tadens per pound. Choke was a mercenary who has a criminal record of manslaughter. Plug is a hacker.

Techno was a mutated human, having twelve fingers total and choked his paroll officer.. Rex was an boxer, killing a man in the ring on live television, given performance enhancers by mad scientist Bust. Bust went mad and invents illegal tech. Claw is an personal trainer who dedicated his life to killing. No further explination needed. Finally, Dunk. He'll do anything for a few bucks.

Within a few years, the squad went into multiple location on Earth, soon near the Pacific Ocean.

6/12/2002 2:43 P.M.

It cuts to Brookyln. In a local broadcasting station, a news reporter arrives and sits down in front of the camera.

“ Miss Ranger, we have to hurry! We’re live in 1 minute. “ the camera man shouts.

The Make-up man hurries towards Miss Ranger, covering her in the latest make-up and lip stick as the Camera man shouts.

“ We’re live in 10.. 9… 8…7…”

The Make-up man hurries off the stage as a man gives her a script, and she gets ready.

“ 6…5…4…3…” the camera man shouts.

Then he numbers 2  and 1 before flipping a switch. The light shines on Miss Ranger as he looks at the camera.

“ Good afternoon, I’m Jennifer Ranger with a special report, live on Brookyln News. Local reports have shown evidence of unknown vehicles crashing into the Pacific Ocean. Further information is forecoming.” She says to the camera.

"Clear." The camera man responded.

Sighing, the news reporter relaxes. Outside, Lauren was reviewing her scribbles from the drug trades she has been witnessing. Lauren had been transferred to Brooklyn for a special boating lecture about a famous expert.  She started to walk down the bay.

Nearby, an old man shouts.


Lauren, seeing this old man walks to him, and says,

“ Hey. Be quiet. “

She quickly leaves and continues walking along the bay.  While she’s walking down the bay, she starts thinking.

Why. Why do I exist? She wonders.  

Suddenly, there’s a loud boom.  Lauren turns around to see smoke in Brookyln.  Suddenly, a huge shockwave knocks down multiple buildings and hits the edge of the bay.  As it heads towards her, she creates a mana shield and protects herself.

“ Holy Crap! “ the old man shouts before getting hit.

The shockwave hits her, and sends her towards the Statue of Liberty.  The shockwave hits the bay, as the water creates a tsunami. The tsunami hits Lauren even more, making her land on Liberty Island. The tourists on the island scream in terror as they head to higher ground.  The waves hit the island and sent them to the bay. As tourists scream in terror, a helicopter flies above. Inside is Lee, grinning.  Lauren gets onto the island, and notices the helicopter and the people attempting to swim, but failing. . Startled, Lauren thought about what to do. Then she began to chant.

"By darkest days and brightness nights, I shall fight evil with my mana light."

Instantly she transformed. She jumped up, shooting giant floatation devices at the people. They grab on, holding on.  Meanwhile, Lee watches her fight.

“ What the hell is this? A hero? “

Taking the people, she uses her mana to pull the people onto the island while she looks at the helicopter.

“ I don’t know who you are, but you’re about to regret what you just did. “

Lee presses a button on the helicopter and says,

“ No, you are. “

A missile comes from the helicopter, and hits the Statue of Liberty.  As Energy Revolt turns around, she sees the damage. The Helicopter shoots two more missiles, which crash into the top and bottom of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty falls towards the citizens, as Energy Revolt creates a giant shield that surrounds them, creating support beams while at it. The statue hits the shield and begins to make it crack as everyone looks scared. Lee, in the Helicopter looks shocked as Energy Revolt uses up her power to protect them.  She then throws up the Statue of Liberty towards Brookyln, tired and angry.

In Brookyln, as mercenaries scattered around, killing and attacking humans, a robber exited a house with a bag of jewels.

“ Score! “ he shouts.

As he headed to his car, the statue of liberty hit it, and broke the road apart. Shocked, the Robber dropped the bag, got on his knees and said,

“ I should have just stayed in prison. “

Back on Liberty Island, Energy Revolt goes over to the people.

“ You alright? “

“ Yeah “ says the group, and Energy Revolt smiles.

The Helicopter starts heading towards Brookyln, where there are two other helicopters.  Energy Revolt starts heading towards Brookyln by using her mana to lift her up in the sky, and fly towards Brookyln.  

In Brookyln, the helicopters continue shooting at people, killing them. Meanwhile, mercenaries jump out of the streets, shooting and stabbing people nearby.  The Helicopter with Lee lands as he gets out with a gun.

“ I’m ready to get some blood on my hands. “

Energy Revolt arrives, and sees Lee, angry. . Punching the criminal back onto the street, she began to shout.

“ You will regret ever living. “ she shouts.

Then, she was tackled down by Claw.

"Stay down freak." he threatened.

Energy Revolt kicked him off then shot mana, sending the buff flying back into Techno. One man is running for his life when Gregovich grabs him, and sends a bullet straight in his head.  He then snaps another’s neck, and finally shoots someone else in the head. He then spotted Energy Revolt. He sprints over towards her, whipping her furiously with his whip. Her face smeared in blood. The heroine screamed, shooting mana in all directions. Gregovich was sent flying backwards.

"What's your little hero name?" he taunted Lauren.

"Energy Revolt." she sneered back, kicking Gregovich into a building. He fell to the ground, angry.  Energy Revolt jumped forward, punching Gregovich in the face as he kicks Lauren up, and knocks her outside. Before she could react,  Choke and Lee charged at Energy Revolt.  In her defense, she quickly fled upwards to the top of a building using mana stairs.

“ You did not just do that.  “

She sends a mana tornado, wiping the two unconscious. Techno crawled underneath the not conscious Claw, shooting a beam to immobilize Lauren with illegal tech. She shot mana to deflect it. The beam went through it. Energy Revolt quickly flew out of the way.

The two other CHAOS helicopters continue shooting at the Brookyln people. One of the members speaks in the microphone.

“ Let’s head to Manhattan. Oh and activate the bombs.  “

As the helicopters  start heading to Manhattan, Manhattan and Brookyln’s cops start blocking off the bridges.  

“ Colonel Hardy will be here in a few minutes “ says one cop to the chief.

Numerous military helicopters start flying over towards Manhattan and Brookyln. In Brookyln, numerous bombs start going off in the buildings, stores, and houses on the streets. As the people run away in terror, the helicopters shoot at them, knocking them down dead.  Energy Revolt was helping a few of them get away from the fighting as she looked at the Massacre occurring.

"Civillains are in harms reach. Too many have died. I need help." she realized. 

The planes reach Brookyln, overpassing the destroyed Statue of Liberty.  Coming out of the plane are 10 soliders with parachutes. As they land on the ground, they release the parachutes and start walking with their weapons towards Lauren.

"Hands up," they told Energy Revolt.

Colonel Hardy walks over, prepared to take a final shot when Claw awakens, running towards the Colonel. Energy Revolt tackled him out of the way.  

Colonel Hardy spoke to the soldiers, "No, she is one of the good guys. Lieutenant Fishman, direct your men to the terrorists attacking."

"Yes sir!" the officer hollered, running off.

Soon explosions rocked the Earth, men facing death without a burial. Flames surround the buildings as civilians fled the battle. Choke stomped over, lunging for Energy Revolt. She quickly flew to the side then uppercutted him. The villain stumbled back until tripping over a pile of dead soldiers, landing on Dunk's face, killing them both. Soon they were all dead, all except Gregovich and Techno.

The last of the soldiers were slaughtered by the two. Lauren held two mana orbs, releasing them at the two. Gregovich easily dodges the mana orb while Techno is sent flying through a building. Gregovich spits then runs towards Energy Revolt. She shoots lasers out of her eyes, but Gregovich dodges them.

Techno, limping, hobbles over to Energy Revolt to attack but the heroine has had enough. She shoots her hand through his chest and rips out the mechanical wires from inside of him. Techno gasps as he is a cyborg. Gregovich is clearly frustrated and tackles down Lauren, swinging her across the face. Her eyelids fall heavy as she is knocked unconscious.

Outer Space
9/25/2003 TIME UNKNOWN

Two Anodties flew by, searching for shelter.

"We need to hurry Cur," the female tells the male, Cur.

"I know, hopefully Zorak will find us. If not Forana we might die out jere.

"Return to base," they heard the communicator. Zorak spoke again,"Return to the ship. We're going to help you."

The two quickly locate the ship, boarding it. Later, a giant ship appeared and brought Cur’s ship in. When they exited their ship, the ship had a stronger atmosphere, making the aliens able to breathe. On the control room of the ship, Zorak stood there, looking at space.

“ I know where you are, Lara. I am coming. I will kill you. “ 

Warehouse, Miami, Florida
2/1/2004 2: 18 a.m. EST.

Two mercenaries threw an unconscious Energy Revolt into a chair where they cuffed her and unbagged her head.

"Search her," Gregovich commands.

The two mercenaries snatch off her Utility belt. They go through it.

"Nothing that good in here boss," one says. The other nods in confirment. Gregovich snarls to put it back on her, which they complete. 

"Good, she'll be ready to transport to Bisectia by July of next year. Start her conditioning." he plans.

Mercenary One takes a swing at her a couple times. Mercenary Two whips her legs and arms, even her back once or twice. Energy Revolt is forced to stay conscious. They ripped out her mask, to no avail as she was in her alien form.

"Who are you?" Gregovich asks.

"Energy Revolt," she would always spit at him, only to get slapped.

"You know that drug trade that had been goin' 'round? I was in charge of it." He snickers.

With the last of her powers, she lasers Gregovich a cross the face, burning his face off.

"Gah, kill her goddammit." he mutters.

"Here cheif," Mercenary 2 hands over a mask. 

Gregovich walks over, he looks coldly through the mask, wretching to kill her.

"If I go down, my legacy will continue." she sputters.'

Gregovich punches her in the gut. She coughs up blood. He grins.

"If Bisectia didn't want that goddamn powers of yours, I'd kill you in the first second," he seethed.

Lauren spat at him. She was whacked again.

Bisectia's Headquarters,London
5/18/2005 6:27 GMT.

Energy Revolt was on her knees, blood dripping from all around, To weak, to weak to break the chains, to shoot lasers out of her eyes. Even to fly.

"Warm up the machine, her powers shall be mine and soon I can have my vengeance on those who treats us  below leaders." Bisectia booms.

Energy Revolt is hooked up to the machine, it starting to steal her blood. She howled in agony as her life was become ending right now. 

Suddenly a bunch of other men in a slick black uniform with guns surronded the room. They unhooked Energy Revolt. When they unbagged her, there was something frightening about the look in her eye. When they unchained her, she pulled out the knife and slit the good guys' throats and then tackled Gregovich, stabbing him repeatedly in the neck. 

"NO!" Bisectia shouts, running towards Lauren. She kicks him off.

"Who are you? Who am I?" she questions.

Bisectia snickers. "Let her go men, she'll end up killing herself."

MI6 Base
3/3/2013 11: 36 A.M. GMT.

"With the mercenaries, the group CHAOS spreaded over the world, causing many disasters over the next few years, they still do in the present." Shane Leon told Lauren.

"How did I join MI6?" Lauren questions.

5/3/2006 2: 49 P.M. GMT

Lauren ran threw an alley, flying to the rooftop. She shot out a mana orb and jumped on it, riding through the rooftopos to train.

"Look at her Kyle," John Slytric notes, "Great power within her."

"We need to recruit her obviously." Kyle Blino responds, watching in amazement through his binoculars. The two men stand up and walk over. Lauren gasps and the mana disappears.

"We saw you," John tell hers,

"My name is Kyle Blino of the MI6 operation, a secret government base. You are?" He starts the conversation.

Shocked, Lauren stutters, "I-I don't know."

"We can help you with that, our technology is advanced for this time period." John notes.

"The first thing I remember is escaping a warehouse in Miami. I had killed a very important man...Gregovich, that's his name." she remembers.

"You escaped CHAOS?" Kyle is amazed. "I know who you are, you're the legendary Energy Revolt."

"Energy-Who?" she asks.

"I'll transfer you to the FLA to help regain your memory after we defeat the international drug trading terrorists who bombed  the F.B.I. headquarters out in Philidelphia." John promises.

"So, welcome to the MI6 kid," Kyle pats her on the back.

Great, Lauren thinks to herself, I'll get myself killed just like the words of the leader of what was it, chaos, told me.

Without Lauren knowing, back in the Northeast of the U.S., Tom Custool is brutally murdered by the order of Bisectia.

Outer Space

Zorak stood on the control room on his ship,  going towards Lauren’s location. They then reached the Kuiper Belt. A solider walks up to Zorak.

“ Sir, we should stay here. We do have the portal-generator. “

“ Has it been tested? I know it’s been being developed for the last 25 years. “ Zorak questions.

“ Yes. It will work. If you have the piece of the portal… we can use that grab Lauren and bring her here. “ the solider says.

Zorak looks at his solider and says,

“ Stop the ship and get the machine on. “ 

2008 Unknown Time

Lauren looked at her badge. Who am I? She sighs and turns back to her instructor, and begins shooting at her target again.

Suddenly she was in a different location. Looking around, she grabs her pistol. A door opens, and two silohouettes appear. 

" Sir, it was a sucess. The machine worked. " he says. 

Zorak walks up to Lauren, and smiles. 

"Hello Lara, I've been searching for you," Zorak speaks.

"W-Who are you?" she stutters, taking a step backwards.

"I am your savior." Zorak gently replies, hugging her.

She gasps as he rips a knife through her hip, then she is stabbed in the leg.

"W-Why?" she gasps.

"A tablet had a warning. That you would cause the death of millions of our people. I can not allow that to happen. " 

"I could've helped you," Lauren has a tear roll down her cheek. Suddenly memories pass through her mind and she remembers a few important things.

"Now you see, Lara." Zorak smiles.

"No," she speaks. "It's Energy Revolt." she flies up and punches Zorak across the face, making him fall to the ground with an oof. His comrades started to fire at Energy Revolt, who was now in her Anodite form. She pulled the knife from her knee and tossed it, the weapon lading in an enemy's chest.

Zorak stands up, clearly angry with the way his plan is going. He takes out a blaster and aims. Energy Revolt sees this and throws three mana orbs. One cuts the gun in half, the other two knock back Zorak.

Zorak grows frustrated. He lunges towards Energy Revolt, punching her unconscious. Lauren had blood trickling down her face. Suddenly she was surronded by white. Her father, Rabernathy, was there. So was Charles. She walks towards them. They both warmly smile at her. She falls to her knees, bursting out in tears. Soon they disappear. She moans, begging for them to return. She glances up again. Lila and Lazara were there.

"Just let go," Lila murmurs. She smiles at Lauren.

"Mama." Lauren runs over for a hug but they disappear with a whoosh. She is scared. Suddenly Lauren saw it.

"Go to it Lara, go to your destiny." Qumine encouraged.

Lauren walks towards the light, a bright flash goes by. Everything then went dark.

Zorak's Ship
February, 2009 Unknown Time

Zorak paces back and forth.

"Unchain her," he commands.

Two of his men bend down, unchaining a not conscious Lauren.

"Feel for a pulse." He tells them.

One of the men touch her wrist. He shakes his head.

"Is she ... dead?" Zorak quickly asks, sweat beading down his forehead.

"That appears to be the case." the other soldier spoke.

Zorak smiles as Cur arrives and reports. 

"I volunteer to guard her until needed." he speaks.

"Do what you want, she is of no use to me." Zorak spits.

"But sir, she is of our kind. Shouldn't you properlly bury her?" Cur protests.

Zorak turns to face Cur and holds a knife to his throat.

"Do as I say as be killed as a worthless peasent."

"Yes sir." Cur closed his eyes tightly, knowing he must betray his kind.

Zorak leaves and Cur goes into the cell, cleaning her wounds. She savagely attacks him.

"Stop," he commands. "I'm trying to help you."

She nods, not even caring if she dies anymore.

Over the course of three months, with Cur's treatment, Lauren is at full health.

"You could live with me. Learn to adapt to Earth." she tells Cur.

"That sounds nice. But I could never. My place is by Zorak's side and he has changed. Now I have no destiny. I must destroy Zorak and get you out safely." Cur replies, washing off her hip wound.

The next day, He sneaks into the cell while the rest of the rogue rebels are scouting for food. 

"We need to escape, now." he tells Lauren.

She nods and he helps her up. Her wrists and ankles are bloody from the chains. She limps out, forming into her Energy Revolt form.

"Let's do this." She confidently speaks. Lauren looked healthier. Her hair had the flame particles disperse which was a good sign.

They quietly slipped through the chamber of dungeons through a couple of corridors then finally they reached the cockpit. Slowly but steadily Cur creaks open the door. He presses a few buttons, and a portal opens. 

"This portal will take you home." He smiles.

"Please, come with me." she begs.

He shakes his head. Suddenly his head is chopped off. It rolls towards Lauren. She screams as Zorak tackles her down. She struggles but manages to grab Zorak's gun and shoot him through the heart. He falls down atop of Lauren, dead.

Still proccessing what went on, she pushed the body off of her and starred and the cold lifeless body. His hair was on the ground, no flame. She started to walk backwards but tripped on a dead Cur's leg, falling into the portal. She awoke in her apartment. Now realizing what had just happened, she screams at the top of her lungs, traumitized.

Part 3: Cataclysm

MI6 Base
3/3/2013 1:25 P.M. GMT.

" After you returned home, you worked only as Energy Revolt, not deciding if you should've gone back to MI6 or become a solo heroine. Then, we come to the present. " Shane Leon said. He closes the case file, making sure she doesn't she the section that reads: PROJECT: HEROES.

" Thank you. " Lauren says and then gets up from her chair.

Shane looks at her and stops her. 

" Lauren?" 

She looks at him, trying not to show the tears but Shane shows a face of sorrow. 

"Lauren, I'm... I'm sorry for what has happened to you. I really am. I know things haven't been good for you. Life hasn't been good for you. But just know this. Even though you ... you don't think you're a hero, you don't think you will join the FLA. However, you're still a hero. One of the best people I've ever met. You might not make the best decisions, but you have a place here. With us. In the FLA. Oh and Lauren? Good luck." 

Lauren looks at him, stone cold before relenting and giving him a smile. 

" Thanks. " 

Lauren walks away from the room, with a goal in mind. 

MI6 BASE - Chief of MI6 Office
3/3/2013 1:30 P.M. GMT.

Lauren walks into the office, with Chief of MI6 talking to someone on the phone. 

" Alright, I'll have the Vla- Lauren. Lauren Genare. I thought I'd never see you again. " He smirks, outstretching his hand. 

" Same to you. I'm back, and I'm ready to destroy these terrorists. " She shakes his hand with a firm grip .

The Chief of M16 Says to the person on the phone, 

" I'll call you back," before he hangs it up. 

" Lauren, you'll have to undergo a series of psyhical and men-" he starts. 

Someone runs into the office and throws a file on the Chief's face. 

" Sir, we have a report. It's Bisectia. He's back and his terrorists are planning some mass destruction.

Lauren turns around and looks at him. Angry, she shoves him to the wall and shouts. 

" What do you know? "  "Nothing, except an adress." the man recoils in fright.

"Give it," she snatches the paper. Her eyes glow pink and the paper is glowing as well.

"That's just a few blocks down." she transforms into Energy Revolt mode and flies through the window, zooming off.

"Lauren wait I-" the cheif sighed, not being able to finish his sentence before she was gone.

Big Ben Tower
3/3/2013 2: 46 P.M. GMT.

Lauren hover's down and turn's human, going inside the tower. She climbs the flight of stairs to find a giant mechanical bomb. The timer read: 2: 53. It was going down. Fast. Should I call the bomb squad? No, there's not enough time. Lauren decides over and over until turning into Energy Revolt and lifting the bomb she shoots lasers out of her eyes, making a hole big enough for her and the heavy dangerous explosives to fit through.

She soars high over the skies, past the harbor which reminds her of Tom. Energy Revolt continues to fly by the pier, past a few boats, into a empty area. The timer read: 0:08 seconds. Energy Revolt dropped it and turned around, racing through the sky.

When she returned to the city, the civllians cheered her alter ego, Energy Revolt. She smiles at them then speeds on, tracking down Bisectia.

She thinks of Tom. Tom Custool. Her dead boyfriend.

April, 2013 Time Unknown

Lauren busted down the door to another CHAOS outpost. She tossed out three grenades, killing a few of the mercenaries. One soldier charged her. She ripped out her pistol, shooting him in the face. Now a little shaken, she turns into Energy Revolt to brawl.

Two henchmen run over. She flips one over and strikes the other across the face. The others start shooting at her. She creates a mana dome to cover herself. Then, Energy Revolt whips a lasso around three terrorists, throwing them in the wall. She flew up, dodging bullets and shooting mana out of her hand's, creating little explosions when coming in contact with the ground. Soon, only one remained. He quickly fled the building. Lauren picks him up from behind and swoops upward six thousand feet. 

"Now you're going to tell me where I can find Bisectia, or else you can say goodbye to that pretty boy face." she threatens.

The man screams and flails his legs. Soon he gives in, "Bisecita is leading his army through the sewers. They are targeting the queen. It was Terrence Smoke's idea. He wanted to do something big. Bisectia and CHAOS are on their way now."

Energy Revolt angrily drops him, only to pick him up five thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine feet downward.

London Sewers
4/11/13 12: 42 P.M. GMT.

"I used to work for that wretched thing." Smoke tells Bisectia, refferencing the queen. "She is the reason my wife left me, my kid hates me and I went bankrupt. She made me work sixteen hours a day every day for only thirty dollars per week. That fuqing queen ruined my life and everything related to it. She needs her throat slit."

"I'll slit seven billion people's throat's if I could. But I would love to kill royal blood." Bisectia snickers.

His army of three thousand men marched on. 

MI6 Base
4/11/2013 5:23 P.M. GMT.

"I need your help." Lauren tells Kyle Blino and John Slytric.

"Lauren, nice to see your recovery." Slytric warmly greets her.

"Help? For what?" Kyle immedieately gets down to buisness.

"I'm going after CHAOS." she says in a low breathe.

"Without permission? We'll all be fired." Kyle reasons.

"We'll be deemed heroes." John reassures.

"Then let's get to it." Lauren smiles.

Kyle seems worrried, but confident.

Buckingham Palace (Queen's Home)
4/12/13 Unknown Time

The terrorists barricade the doors. Bisectia shoots down two guards and stabs another. Terrence kicked one in the face and shot him then threw a dagger into another's forehead. They walk up the stairs and Terrence kicks open the doors, revealing the queen sleeping quietly on her bed. Terrence walks over, holding a knife to her throat.

"No," Bisectia commands, "Not yet. We have to make this a global thing. Block off any and all entrances and we shall wait. I shall start a broadcast to reveal the true threat to the world, not some pitiful economy, but CHAOS." Bisectia commands.

The Queen is now awake, frightened. She attempts to scream as duck tape is put over her mouth and she is tied to the chair. 

"Hello your highness." Terrence snickers.

She gasps at realizing who he is. The old weary queen starts to sob. The princess and prince run in, only to have their throat's slit. The Queen cries some more, wailing. Terrence slaps her.


She looks at him, a begging look in her eye.

"No, you shall pay for your cruelness. Royalty does not give you power. What gives you power is an army. One that can protect you. Especially you." Terrence continues on, as if he were teaching her the lessons of dictactorship. "Soon, you shall be dead, I shall rule this country with two iron fists."

Meanwhile, Lauren and co. are looking for a way in. Kyle aims his pistol. John lowers Kyle's weapon.

"No," John tells his partner, "The gunshot would be to loud. We'd blow our cover." He explains.

Kyle nods, listening to his partner. "Let's try to enter through the roof."

"It'll be a stealth mission. Snipers on the rooftop." she tells them. 

They both nod. Lauren mades a mana platform and the three step on it. They rise up.

When reaching the rooftop, Lauren silently turns into her Energy Revolt form, knocking out the snipers from behind with mana orbs. John looks over the roof, the place was surronded with the arsenal of Bisectia's followers. There were tanks and cannons guarding.

"Let's head in," Kyle tells him. John nods, still amazed at the arsenal.

Energy Revolt lowers them down onto a stairwell right next to the front door. The guards are all around. The three slowly creak backwards until bumping into a guard. Kyle yelps in startlement and the mercenaries begin open fire. Energy Revolt puts up a mana dome around the three of them, protecting them. They simply walk by them, up the stairs to a safe area. Lauren puts the dome down and jumps over the ledge, flying down and shooting mana at them. She chops one man in half with her laser eyes.

Kyle and John are hiding behind pillars, shooting at men. The front doors are busted open and a tank shoots at Lauren. Energy Revolt dodges the shot and lifts up the tank, throwing it at the wall creating a large hole. John shoots the engine of a tank nearby, making it explode. 

"Nice one," Kyle compliments.

They continue to shoot at them. Soon they are forced back as the pillars were chipped and soon collaspes. 

"That was to close. We need to keep moving." John informs.

Energy Revolt brings out her swold holders, transferring mana into them. She stabs one henchmen and throws her other sword at the other, killing them both. She see's John and Kyle being cornered and quickly rushes over. Kicking two men down, Lauren punches the ground, creating shockwaves making everyone fall to the ground, including the two agents. They get up and shoot the enemies while they are down. There is one mercenary who quickly shot at Lauren, as if time slowed down, John jumps in front of the bullet.

The bullet rips through his chest. Kyle shoots the man and kneels beside John who is sputtering up blood. 

"It's ok John," Lauren starts to cry, "We'll get you help."

"No," John coughs, "You need to go after Bisectia. Go. Trust me, I'd die for you any day." 

His eye's roll back and he ceases. Lauren falls to the ground, sobbing while Kyle sadly closes John's eyes. Soon they are surronded. Kyle doesn't move, he is in shock.

Energy Revolt stops the mourning and looks up, a vengeful look. She pull's out his pistol and shoot's all eight of them dead. Kyle still sat beside his best friend, not saying anything, barely breathing. 

"Kyle, I'm sorry." Lauren sympasizes.

He starts to bawl. Lauren sadly faces Kyle.

"Go back to MI6 base," she tells him.

"No, I've lost John and I'm not losing you. You can't die on me." he tells her.

Energy Revolt stands up now, "Kyle, you will die if you come with me."

"Huh, fine." Kyle sadly stands up. Lauren creates mana stairs and he is gone.

She glows mana orbs on her hands, ready for fire. The sun curved over the horizon, now becoming a semi-circle. Soon it was dark. The mana became a flashlight for Lauren, brightening the mansion. I'll eventually find them. Lauren thinks to herself.

She makes a mana cloak around her suit, enhancing her powers. Energy Revolt quietly creeps around the enormous palace, searching for trouble. Lauren found another flight of stairs, which she hovers up. Very slowly and dramatically, she creaks open the door. Looking inside, she sights the dead prince and princess. The Queen was nowhere to be found.

"I-I'm to late to save them. I still need to save the queen." she tells herself.

The TV has static on it. Suddenly Lauren's see's Bisectia's grimful face on the screen.

"Hello my fellow people, my name is Bisectia. I shall be your savior. I will rid this world of unessecary problems, such as goverments, economies, even military forces. They harm us, we need to live in a war-free world. The only way to accomplish this is by killing every world wide leader, starting here with the queen."

The camera angle shows the queen.

"She caused trouble to my men by treating them poorly with many days of labor and no money in return. She must pay." Bisectia pulls out a knife, holding it to the queen's throat. "This is the beginning of a new age. This is about order, instead of chaos! This is about mercy, instead of sadism. This is about balance. This is about peace."

Still live on broadcast, the queen is killed, her throat slit and the blood spraying onto the camera. Lauren gasps as the broadcast is over, reverting the TV to it's static form. Lauren was anrgy now, her eye's erupting in pink flames.

Continuing down a hall, she sees pictures of the family generation to generation. What a happy time that was for them. Lauren thinks to herself.

The light's flicker and soon it is complete darkness. Suddenly Lauren is tackled down, she lasers at them and flies up but men crash through the roof, pulling her down. She punches one off and kicks two more. Standing up, she quickly flies forward, outspeeding the henchmen. Energy Revolt is whacked down with a baseball bat, knocking her to the floor. Bisectia orders his men to hold her down.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" she taunts.

"No, I will steal your powers, make them my own." Bisectia tells her.

Terrence sticks needles into her arm, which are attached to tubes which lead into other needles which are in Bisectia's arms. The blood transfusion begins. Lauren screams in pain, kicking the tubes, breaking the machine. Her powers were gone. Bisectia tried to use his newfound powers. Nothing.

"I'm sorry m'lord, she broke the machine before any of her blood was in your body." Terrence sadly speaks.

Lauren pulls out her pistol and shoots Terrence in the leg. Terrence falls to the ground as Lauren stands up, throwing a flashbang. Within the smoke, Lauren stabs the mercenaries around her. Bisectia kicks her down. She attempts to throw mana bricks at him, but fails. Frightened, she tries again. Bisectia walks closer, drawing a knife. She quickly kicks the knife out of his hand and they begin to brawl. Bisectia whacks Lauren, then knees her in the gut.

She strikes him in the stomach to return but is returned with an uppercut. With her nose bleeding, Lauren draws her pistol. Lauren clicks back the trigger, squinching her eyes to plug out the sound. Nothing. She clicks the trigger a few more times. The gun pellet was empty, not bullets remained. She looks up. Bisectia kicked her jaw, making Lauren fall down the stairs. She throws a grenade.

Bisectia picks it up and tosses the explosive to the side, as if it were a simply toy. Lauren feels the heat when the grenade explodes. Bisectia lunges for her, which she slips beneath him. Lauren is barely conscious, her vision becoming blurry. Bisectia chuckles, slowly walking over.

"You might as well know my true plan, you're going to die anyway." He chuckles.

"My name is Kravechenko Mashtoff, I worked for the Russian goverment, my father a soldier during the Cold War. I was sent to England during the 1990's, becoming a simple mercenary for a crime lord. During a drug trade, the Queen sent a special force of elite protectors to kill myself with my associates. Being rather psychological, I shot the crime lord. I fled to the U.S. where I changed my identity to Richard Bisectia, deciding that the world was a not a safe place. It needed to be rid of things that aren't great." He goes on.

Lauren start's to recover. "England is only the first step, next are the two super powers, the U.S. and goddamn China. Maybe after that I'll go to the Middle East, kill a few million men over there. My plan is simple. Search and destroy. When I rule, only my supporters shall live. No rebellions, no hate." he laughs.

Lara opens her eyes, revealing a pink flame. "Guess you didn't take enough blood," she taunts. Bisectia gasps, turns and runs. Terrence limps over, hiding behind a chair. Energy Revolt doesn't notice, she catches up to Bisectia and strikes him down with a single punch.

The terrorist coughs up blood. "Even if you kill me, there still shall be chaos. But you won't. I know the type of person you are. You are just going to lock me up and I'll escape, only to kill millions of more people."

"Then I will prevent that." Energy Revolt punches Bisectia as hard as she can, her hand going through his stomach. She feels around and rips out his heart. She looks up, the man is already dead. Lauren falls to her knees, exhausted.

MI6 Base
4/13/13 4: 56 a.m. GMT.

On a TV screen inside an office, a female news reporter begins talking while sitting next to another anchor. 

" I'm live outside Buckingham Palace, where the Nation is still in mourning for the loss of the Queen, the Prince, and the Princess of the Royal Family. With them dead, the Prince's brother who was helping out in British efforts in the war againest the African Pirates War is now on a plane at this very moment heading back to England to take control of the throne. This is by far the most tragic event the country of England has ever known. " said the first news reporter. 

" Yes, the country is in Chaos. The rise of homicides has increase by 20% and the rise of sucidie has increased by 40%. Parents are expected to keep their children inside, lock doors and windows and... my god woman, are you crying? " 

It cuts to the first news reporter, crying as she wipes her tears. 

" I ... just can't believe they're gone. " she cries. 

The male news reporter looks at the camera and says, 

" We'll we back later with the rest of your news. Stay tuned for this unexpected break. " 

He starts to go over and confort the woman before the tv is shut off. Its revealed the TV is inside the Chief's office. Lauren walks up to him and shouts, 

" I killed Bisectia. " 

"You did what?" The cheif commands.

Lauren silently sits down in a chair as she is scolded.

" You killed one of the most hunted down and sought after terrorists in the world. The United Nations wanted him dead, but under an offical strike, not this. I really appreciate your effort on killing those mother freaking terrorists, but during the process the queen, prince, princess and men of our own were killed. I'm afraid Ms. Genare, you're fired." The chief clears his throat.

Lauren nods, "I understand."

"I'm going to need your gun and badge." The cheif sighs. "Good luck on your quest of life. I wish you the best." Lauren hands over the items and the two hug.

"Oh you'll see me, you just won't know it." Lauren hints that she is Energy Revolt.

The cheif seems confused, but smiles.

Outside the office, Lauren stumbles into Kyle.

"I quit the MI6." Kyle tells her.

"Wha-Why?" she asks.

"You told me that you were Energy Revolt. You trust me. I'm only repaying the favor." he answers.

"Kyle, thank you for the MI6 is your  life."

"Now I can work with you, help you out when you need it." he winks.

" Where will you go? Live? " she asks. 

" I don't know. I've been thinking of somewhere in America. Somewhere South... maybe Flordia? " 

" Well Kyle... that sounds great. Thank you." she hugs him. 

Kyle, smiling walks towards the elevator. As the doors open, he turns around and waves at Lauren. Lauren, smiling as well waves goodbye as the doors shut.

Lauren's House, LONDON

Later that day Lauren is seen cleaning out of her house

There is a knock on the door. Lauren looks up. It's the FLA agent, Chris Phillips.

"Why hello there Lauren, I heard you've been fired. "

" Na, it was more like I quit because I was the mother of his child. " Lauren, sarcasticlly says. 

" Ah. " Chris says. 

Lauren waits for a second, then says, 

" Not really funny, was it? " 

" Not at all " , Chris starts, " Anyways, you're cleaning your house? "

" Yeah, I'm tired of London. I think I'm going to go to America now. But not Brookyln. Brookyln can stay as far away as it can. In fact, not New York at all. " 

" I understand, of course. Now, I thought you'd like to hear this from me instead of old eyepatchy. " 

Lauren looks at him and starts shaking her head. 

" Yeah Shane's gonna get a life " she says, laughing for the first time in a long time. 

" Anyways, I'd like to talk to you about something called PROJECT: HEROES. " 

" Of course it is. Surely Shane Leon told you my answer. " she tells him. 

" Yes, " he starts, " but like Shane told you, never know what else is out there. Could be an organization of heroes, maybe some sort of raging tiger, or alien knight from thousands of years ago. Maybe even just a plain young man who is looking for vengeance, just an archer.  " 

" Oh I've heard. The event in Everson City, the crash in Russia. The only other thing that hasn't filled the news lately besides England nearly closing MI6 after... my mission at Buckingham Palace... is what happened at the General Assembly. I assume those are the archers and tigers you talk about? " 

Chris smiles and sits down on a chair next to a table. 

" Now I know why you were one of England's best spies. " he says. 

She sits down also, and says, 

" Well I have a few hours to kill so... I'm listening. " she says. 

The request goes on for at least an hour as Chris catches her up on all the events that have occured. Finally, he stops talking and gets up. 

" So, will you join? " he asks. 

"I need some time to think about Chris, Shane offered me the same offer." she tells him.

He nods, "You have all the time in the world. Just know when the world needs saving, we'll be gathering up the Heroes to save it. " 

He then leaves the house as Lauren looks at everything around her. 

Graveyard, London
4/17/13 Unknown Time

Lauren kneels beside Lila Genare's grave. She whispered a few words, the audience does not hear. She smiles, putting a rose on her grave. She kisses the rose, gently putting it down. Lauren transfers mana into the rose, making the rose live for thousands of years to come.

The sun is setting and Lauren flies towards it.

"You'll never know what's coming or when it is. Just move on with life and make the best of situation. Try to mess up, learn from those mistakes. You need to know how to control your emotions, when to kill and when to let someone live. Make the hard decisions. It'll be the only way." Lauren narrates as the sun sparkles a pink light. 


Directed by: The Awesome Jack
Produced by: The Awesome Jack
Written by: The Awesome Jack with the help of Sci100
Filmed by: Sci100


Jennifer Lawerence as Energy Revolt/Lauren Genare

Richard Armitage as Shane Leon

James Marsden as John Slytric

Richard Madden as Kyle Blino

Clark Gregg as Chris Phillips

Bruce Greenwood as General Zorak

and... Tim Roth as Bisectia. 


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