Enemy is a Cumhachtach from the planet Cumhachtachia in Star of a New Hero.


Enemy is light blue. He has Vilgax's head and Humongousaur's body, covered up with his long tentacles. He has six arms, 4 are Four Arms' arms, and the other 2 are Brainstorm's arms. His legs are tentacles, and his feet look like Nanomech's head.


The Cumhachtachs used to be unknown. No one knew what they were. It is still like this today, except for Enemy. A weird hand alien taught him how to fight and destroy stuff.


His goal is to destroy every living being and make all the Cumhachtachs like him.


  • Flight
  • Super strength
  • Shooting eye lasers
  • Creating forcefields
  • Highly durable
  • Creating portals
  • Super speed
  • Forming whips from his fingers
  • Shrinking
  • Can enter people's minds


  • Enemy's Enemy's Enemies


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