Whoa! Check me out! I'm not just big. I'm WAY BIG!

–Endai's quote.

Endai Yamazaki (高橋研二) is a 10 year old 5th grade student who becomes Way Big with his Way Big DISK. His Exo-Hero code is X-22.

Form, Powers, and Abilities

Exodus Way Big

Accepted. Materializing: To'kustar Identity.

–Way Big DISK's transformation announcement

Way Big! Disk Mash!

–Endai's transformation announcement

Exodus Way Big.

As Way Big, Endai is very strong, even for his size and threw him into orbit and when he managed to lift the Hyperspace Jump Gate (which was multiple times bigger and heavier than Way Big). Technically speaking, he is powerful enough to destroy a small planet.

Endai has great durability, being able to withstand attacks from enemies while barely even feeling them. He is also resistant to extreme temperatures.

Endai can jump very high. He also has extremely quick reflexes, being able to react to Milleous's Incursean Conquest Ray.

Endai is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Endai can shoot a powerful cosmic ray from the outer edge of his right hand by crossing his arms together. His cosmic rays are powerful enough to overpower the Incursean Conquest Ray.

Due to the nature of his species' creation, Endai can survive in the vacuum of space.

Endai has enhanced speed, similar to XLR8 and Fasttrack albeit with him leaving a red and white trail behind. Way Big also has a massive stride, so he can get to his destination quicker than other aliens.


Endai sometimes forgets how strong he is. His size also gives him a slight mobility issue, since he has to be careful where he steps to avoid crushing objects and people around him, and easily gives his location away.

Because of his size, Endai cannot be used inside buildings or confined spaces.

Since Endai's fin is a weak spot, a hit to that area can paralyze him.

Despite his immense durability, Endai is weak against opponents with sufficient strength.

Endai is vulnerable to electricity, which can incapacitate him.

Endai can be harmed by Argit's quills.

Endai can be harmed by high-pitched noises.

Endai can be subdued by the Hephestan Neuro Grip, but only if this move were to be performed by beings with hands much bigger than Slapstrike's.

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