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End of Peace is the first episode of Ben 10: Negative Rising.



Mount Everest
12-?-13 0:59 MEST

Ben continues to climb up Mount Everest.

(Ben, shivering): COME BACK HERE, ANIMO!

(Doctor Animo, on a hovercraft): Ha, you are freezing to death, while I, Doctor Animo, am perfectly fine!

(Ben): D-d-don't push it.

Ben attempts to transform, but loses his grip.

(Doctor Animo): Goodbye, Benjamin.

He fires a rocket at the mountain, and Ben begins to fall.

(Ben): I hate the universe.

Ben transforms into Jetray and flies up to Animo's hovercraft.

(Doctor Animo): An Aerophibian, what a nice specimen.

Jetray fires a laser at Animo's hovercraft, causing it to explode as a small escape pod shoots out of it.

(Jetray): Oh no you don't!

He chases after the pod and grabs it.

(Doctor Animo, muttering): CURSE YOU BEN TENNYSON.

(Jetray): Oh be quiet, Animo.

(Doctor Animo): This isn't the last you've seen of me, Ben Tennyson. I, Doctor Animo, shall return, and seek my revenge on you!

(Jetray): Good luck like that.


1-?-14 11:59 EST

Ben is at a Mr. Smoothy, using a video chat to communicate with Max.

(Max): How's Rook doing?

(Ben): Grandpa, I don't know. Go ask him.


Max ends the video chat.

(Ben, muttering to himself): What the fuq Grandpa..

Ben starts to walk away and stops.

(???): Hello, Tennyson.

(Ben): Uh..hi?

The person disappears.

(Ben): What was that about..

Ben looks at a distress signal on his Omnitrix.

(Ben): Great, the old factory..

Ben transforms into Fasttrack and runs off.


Ben quickly arrives at the factory, only to find it completely deserted.

(Fasttrack, reverting back): Wha..?

Ben picks up a piece of the rubble.

(Ben): These markings are WAY too familiar.

He walks over to a control panel, which seems to have been slashed by claws.

(Ben): Did Rath do this?

Please note that wouldn't Ben have remembered doing that? I mean, even if sleep-walking from OS is the case..come on.

Ben attempts to press a button on the panel, but is unable to do so.

(Ben, muttering): Circuit's jammed..

A figure emerges from the shadows.

(???): Hello again, Mr. Tennyson.

(Ben, turning around): YOU AGAIN! Who are you?

(???): I am Xarlek.

(Ben): What, is that French or something?

(Xarlek): No, you weak-minded fool!

(Ben): Harsh. I'm assuming you did this?

(Xarlek, smirking): You are correct.

(Ben, reaching for the Omnitrix): Why?

(Xarlek): Ahh ah ah, no transformations yet.

(Ben): Oh yeah? Why?

Xarlek pulls up his sleeve, to reveal the Nemetrix.

(Ben, shocked): The Nemetrix, but..how? I-

(Xarlek): You took it from Khyber after you defeated him? Oh no, Tennyson, that was a decoy, I stole the real Nemetrix from him immediately after.

(Ben): Dude, you are kinds of messed up.

(Xarlek): Thus is the price of power.

Ben transforms into Cy-X.

(Xarlek): A Trionkitical? I'm excellent with that species!

(Cy-X): I was going for Ditto..

Xarlek slams the dial on the Nemetrix, transforming into a large beast.

(Cy-X): PLEASE tell me you're Ditto's predator..

(Technoroid): Nope.

Technoroid grabs Cy-X and starts to tear off his armor.


Cy-X transforms into Humungousaur and punches Technoroid.

(Humungousaur): Ready to surrender yet?

(Technoroid): Are you joking?

Technoroid transforms into Tyrannopede and stomps on Humungousaur.

(Humungousaur, timing out): Not..cool..

(Tyrannopede, reverting back): For you.

(Ben): I'm not going to just let you win.

(Xarlek): Of course you aren't.

Xarlek disappears.

(Ben): Wha- Where'd he go?

Ben runs out of the factory.

(Ben): He's...annoying.

Ben picks up another piece of rubble.

(Ben): Maybe the Plumbers know what this stuff is.

Ben transforms into Jetray and flies off.




  • Dr Animo (flashback only, first reappearance)
  • Xarlek (first appearance)

Aliens Used

By Ben

By Xarlek

  • Technoroid (first appearance)
  • Tyrannopede (first reappearance)
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