Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date January 25th, 2012
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When Ultimate Diagon is completely insane Ben must use his new alien to stop him! Can ben do it? Find out soon on Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix!



Ben: Stop him!

George: Let the dragon come!


Diagon: My Lucubra go out and kill Ben Tenyson!


Armodrillo: KEVIN!

Gwen: Ugh!

Kevin: Is she okay

Goop: Of course she isn't okay. She isn't complaining how gross Goop is!


Diagon went out and saw Ben

Diagon: Die Tenyson

Ben: (Transforms) Benanimo! Ah sweet a ney guy! I'm like an awesome version of Dr.Animo!

Benanimo punches Diagon and shoots lighting at him.

Diagon: Huff Huff!

Ben; (Transforms) Heatblast!


George: We are humans! Let thou destroy thou beast! Charge!

Ancient Soldiers: RAH!

Giant Lucubra: RAAGGGHHHH!


Heatblast shot flames at Ultimate Diagon.

Diagon; Ugh!

Heatblast: (Transforms) Grey Matter

Grey Matter scurys around him.

Grey Matter: (Transforms) ChamAlien!

ChamAlien turned Invisible. He stabbed Diagon with his tail.

Diagon: AGH!


Azmuth: And there's no reason to prolong this foolishness, give me my sword.

George: Not while the Diagon lives. If you want it you'll have to take it from me.

Azmuth: You think I can't? I am Azmuth, creator of the Omnitrix, sculptor of worlds, smartest being in five galaxies, of course I can take it from you... Ben Tennyson take it from him.

Ben: You got it!

Gwen: Ben, wait! Doesn't it seem a little-

Ben: Azmuth is telling me to fight! Do you think I'm passing that up? (transform into Fasttrack)

Fasttrack: Fasttrack! (gets flipped by George)

Fasttrack: I thought that would go differently.

Kevin: No, it's fine. He loses way faster than XLR8.


ChamAlien: (Transforms) NRG!

NRG shoots radition beam at Diagon.


Driscoll: M'Lord, I have failed you, worse I may have broken our code.

George: It's not important, Driscoll.

Driscoll: But sir, I was defeated in single combat and yet-

George: Honor means nothing than fighting these alien abominations, young Tennyson and his friends are but a momentary distraction, in the morning, I shall be leaving on a nobile quest.

Driscoll: Quest, M'Lord, for where, what purpose?

George (chuckles): Even now you have doubts, well inspite of your lack of faith or perhaps because of it, I want you to rule in my absense.

Driscoll: What would you have us do, M'Lord?

George: Simply carry on the work of the order as you see fit, all I ask is that upon my return, the Knights be ready.

Driscoll: Ready for what M'Lord?

George: The Battle of a Hundred Lifetimes.


Diagon: Mercy, please Tenyson.

NRG: (Transforms) Rocks!

Rocks shot rocks at Diagon. Diagon stopped moving.

Ben reverted back to normal.

Ben: It was the only way Diagon. (Transforms) Swampfire (Evolves) Ultimate Swampfire.

Ultimate Swampfire burned the body and left the scene.

Back at Base

Rex: How was your day?

Ben: I murdered Diagon.


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