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Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date 3/2/2020
Written by Chibi
Directed by Chibi
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The Doctor is In(sane)


“Hey, Connie?” Asked Gwen.

“Yeah?” replied Connie, polishing her sword.

“Do you ever feel like... I dunno, useless? Like you can’t contribute?”

Connie thought for a moment, “I mean, I think I used to, Steven was able to fight these crazy Gem monsters all the time and I was stuck watching from the sidelines. That is until Pearl taught me how to be a swordfighter, now I can fight alongside the Cyrstal Gems!” Gwen slumped down, “I could never do something like that, I mean I’m good at Karate, I’ve been taking it since I was 10… and also 7 years of Cotillion I’ll never get back.” “Cotillion?” 

“It’s like, ballroom dancing.”

“Oh, yikes.” “Yeah, I doubt self-defense combat and some lame dancing would help at all.”

“Don't say that! You can do anything if you put your mind to it you can be strong!”

“...I guess.”

“Gwen! Connie!” Called Pearl, “Come with me, I have something exciting to show you two!”

Gwen and Connie stepped out of the RV, Pearl led them to a small convention center, filled with magical items being sold and presented.

“What… is all this?” Asked Gwen.

Peal smiled, “Well, this is the annual Convention of Magical Items! I’ve wanted to go for years but I never got the chance, I’ve always been curious about the various magical items that earth has to offer.

“Wait so, Magic is real?” asked Gwen.

“Well, of course! Why Gems are all derived from a form of magic!” “That’s… really cool.”

The group walks into the convention center and were met with people of all ages bustling around, trading, buying, and selling potentially magical artifacts, some were doing basic card tricks or reading palms, altogether pretty basic stuff.

“Ok you two, we’ll meet at the entrance in an hour, have fun!” Pearl walked off and was engrossed by someone doing card tricks.

Connie turned to Gwen, “So, what do you wanna look at first?” Before Gwen could respond, she got a strange spark in her mind, she looked around, and felt something… calling out to her, “This way,” she leads Connie to a small, unassuming table in the far corner of the convention center. Gwen looked around on the table and saw a small grey stone with purple markings on it, “That one!” she dug into her pockets and pulled out a wallet, “How much for this?” she asked the vendor.

He looked at the stone then up to her, “Three-fifty.” She threw him a five-dollar bill and immediately picked up the stone, just as she did, Gwen felt power surge through her body, “Oh my god…”

Connie tapped her shoulder, “Gwen, are you ok?”

“I-I think so? Just this thing kinda… called out to me, I don't know how to explain-” Gwen was interrupted by Connie gasping.

“Gwen your eyes!” “What’s wrong!?” “They’re… purple!”

“W-what!?” Gwen pulled out her phone and opened the camera app, she looked in awe, “No way…” “Well, it’s more of a magenta,” said Connie.

“Connie I don’t care what shade they are, we… we should go get Pearl.” “Yeah, good idea.”

They ran off after Pearl… but a hooded girl with pure white hair followed after them, “I can’t believe it, she found one of the charms of Bezel!” “Pearl!” yelled Gwen and Connie.

Pearl had bags full of magical goodies she bought, “Yeas?- Oh my, Gwen what happened to your eyes?” “I-I dunno, it happened when I picked up this,” she showed Pearl the charm.

Pearl gasped, “You have… a Charm of Bezel!?” “What’s that?” Gwen asked.

Pearl sighed, , her Gem lit up and showed a hologram of 6 identical stones, “The charms of Bezel harness different forms of Magic, such as the Charm of Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Luck, and Resurrection, what you have Gwen is the Keystone of Bezel, which can bond the powers of the other charms… which may be the cause of your eye color changing. They keystone must have unlocked some dormant magical abilities within you.” “Wait, so you’re telling me that I’m magic?” asked Gwen.

“Theoretically, yes.”

“So cool,” said Gwen.

“Oh trust me,” a voice from behind said, “It gets much cooler!” she takes off her hood and rolls up her sleeve, revealing the other 5 charms of Bezel, along with 2 stones on a necklace and a Grimoire in her hand, “now hand over the keystone before I burn you are your mortal friends to a crisp.” “Yeah right,” said Gwen, “Who do you think you are?” The girl’s hands ignited with purple flames, “You can call me Charmcaster.”

By then, people were running out of the building seeing the display of power. Pearl summoned her spear and pulled Connie’s sword from her Gem and handed it to her.

Connie unsheathed her sword and pointed it toward Charmcaster, “Remember your training!” said Pearl.

“Stance wide, body lowered,” Connie replied.

“Balance is the key!” Pearl sang.

Gwen pocketed her Charm and got into a battle stance, Charmcaster laughed, “This will be so easy.”

Connie and Pearl charged at Charmcaster, who just teleported past them and straight to Gwen, she pushed her onto the ground and attacked, “Give it up, you have nothing over the ruler of Legerdomain!” Gwen grabbed Charmcaster’s necklace and charms and ripped them off of her while pushing her off, the magical artifacts were flung across the convention center in all directions, “How DARE you!” she yelled.

“Connie! Pearl! Grab as many as you can! Then she won’t have power!” yelled Gwen.

“That’s what you think!” she read a spell from her Grimoire and shot magic bursts at Gwen, knocking her back, and right next to one of the charms, she grabbed it and aimed it at Charmcaster.

“C’mon! Do something!” she said.

Charmcaster laughed, “That’s the charm of luck, it has no offensive power!” Gwen lit up, “So it makes me lucky eh?” she ran up to Charmcaster, who stepped back and prepared to cast another spell, but slipped on a stray drink cup, she dropped her spellbook and it slid right to Gwen, “Oh wow, it does!”

“Give that back!”

“Not happening!” Gwen flipped the book open and tried reading a spell… only to find it wasn’t in any language she recognized, “uhhh…”

Charmcaster began levitating, “Grimoires are granted to those who have powerful magical potential, which you obviously do not.” “Well, I still have your book! So you cant do anything!” “Wrong, I memorized most of the important ones!” Here eyes and hands glowed brightly, “MAGNA PRAEMIUM!” a large purple explosion enveloped the convention center.

Meanwhile outside, Greg, Max, Ben, Steven, and Amethyst were walking out of a nearby restaurant, Amethyst shoving 10 burgers in her mouth at once.

“Amethyst, I’m cutting you off, if you keep eating like this I’ll be middle class again by the end of the summer!” said Greg.

“Yikes, you sound like Pearl, Greg,” Amethyst complained.

Their bickering was interrupted by a big purple explosion coming from the Convention Center, Steven turned to Ben, “Hero time?” he asked.

“Hero Time,” Ben slapped the watch and turned into Ghostfreak, “I’ll meet you there.” he said in his now raspy voice, he phased through the ground and emerged in the convention center, he noticed Gwen, Pearl and Connie were all scattered across the floor, he drifted over to Gwen, “What happened?” “Ugh, long story short, I’m magic and she hates me because of that,” Gwen explained.

“Woah wait, magic?”

“I’ll explain later, let’s just deal with the psychopath!” “Right, sorry,” Ben flew to Charmcaster and attempted to attack, but was suddenly forced down to the ground like a thousand pounds were weighing him down suddenly.

“Oh, you’re one of those aliens from the news!” said Charmcaster.

“I’m on the news?” ben grunted, “Sweet.”

Charmcaster scoffed, “Anyways…” she aimed her hand at Gwen and he Grimoire flew towards her hand, “I’ll take that! Now for the rest of my belongings,” her eyes lit up and some of her magical items returned to her… but not all, “W-where’s the rest?” She looked to Gwen, who had the Luck and Keystone charms still, “H-how did you do that!?” she attempted to bring them to her again but to no avail, “Stop that!” “I-I’m not doing anything!” Gwen protested.

Charmcaster growled, “They must’ve bonded with you,” her frown turned into a twisted grin, “Which means I can only get them if I KILL YOU!”

Gwen inhaled sharply, then felt the same magical burst she felt when she touched the Keystone, everything became a blur.

Steven and Amethyst burst through the doors, Charmcaster whipped around to them and shot magic bursts at them, Steven blocked with his shield.

“What the heck is happening!?” Amethyst yelled.

“Magic,” said Ben, phasing through the floor and timing out.

“Makes sense,” said Steven.

“Also we need to stop her before she kills Gwen,” Ben explained.

“Wizard battle!” yelled Amethyst, she whipped Charmchaster and rolled into a ball, then she spin-dashed around her, tying her up, “Booyah!” she cheered, “I am the superior wizard!”

Chamrcaster broke the whip and shot Amethyst, “The preferred term is a sorcerer!”

Gwen staggered to her feet, Charmcaster noticed her and shot magic, but it was deflected, Gwen’s eyes became pure white and Charmcaster looked in horror. After a blinding flash of white, Gwen looked down into her hands, and saw a pink Grimoire, “Woah…”

Charmcaster was fuming, “You shouldn’t even have that! Y-you aren’t a real sorcerer!”

“Looks like you’re wrong!” said Gwen, shrugging.

Charmcaster looked around, she was surrounded by a shapeshifter, multiple warriors, and a budding sorcerer, despite the fact she was missing most of her magical items were gone she decided a tactical retreat was necessary, “Alright Gwen, you win, for now. But know this, I will be back,” she snapped her fingers and was gone.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Gwen looked at her Grimoire, “This was such a crazy day…” she looked around, “Whatever happened to the rest of her charms though?” Pearl stepped up and pulled them from her Gem, “I figured it’d be best to hide them from her!” she handed them to Gwen.

“You’re giving them to me?” “Well, I have no use for them!”

Gwen smiled and pocketed them.

“So you have powers now?” Ben asked.

“Yep! And from the looks of it, I might be stronger than you!” Gwen bragged.

Ben chuckled, “Yeah right, magic’s got nothing on my aliens!”

“Your aliens didn’t even lay a hand on Charmcaster!”

Ben tried thinking of a retort but stopped himself, “Yeah ya know what you’re right.”

Gwen smiled,” Alright, let's get back to Grandpa.”

They all left the convention center, a few minutes later, a member of the staff just got off their break and looked in to see everything was destroyed, he slowly backed away from the carnage and went home.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ghostfreak Makes his Debut
  • Gwen Acquires her Grimoire
  • Charmcaster makes her first appearance

Minor Events

  • Amethyst first uses her Spin Dash ability


  • Gwen
  • Connie
  • Ben
  • Steven
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Greg
  • Max


  • Charmcaster

Aliens Used

  • Ghostfreak


  • Pearl and Connie sing a line from, "Do it For Her," from Steven Universe
  • The Grimoires are a reference to Black Clover


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