Encephalopods are a species from the planet Baltus.

Their evolved counterparts are Evolved Encephalopods.


Encephalopods are blue octopus-like aliens with six prehensile and two decoration tentacles. They have grey teeth. Their upper tentacles are double.


Encephalopods are constantly creating new computer systems to defend their home planet from asteroids and other hazards.

Powers and Abilities

Encephalopods are skilled hackers and coders. They are very fast at working with tentacles, and can crack almost any computer system.

They are also good swimmers, and have prehensile tentacles.


Encephalopods are slower on ground, as they primarily live in water.

Notable Encephalopods

  • KrakkIn (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Encephalopod)
  • Hachim Wardahshi


Encephalon is the main part of the brain, while cephalopods are a genus of mollusk which includes octopus.


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