Chrystalline, the most commonly known Emrasapian in Richard 10

Emrasapians are a species in Richard 10 and are from Petropia.


Emrasapians are humanoid, two-toned crystalline aliens. Males have spikes on the waist and have spikes at the top of their heads. Females have smooth waists and one long crystal on their head that points downwards, similar to hair. Another similarity to hair female Emrasapians head spikes have with hair is growing longer with age.


Material change- They can change the material of themselves, similar to the Osmosians' ability to absorb material


Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Notable Emrasapians

  • Chrystalline (Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of an Emrasapian)
  • Ultimate Matt (1 part Emrasapian)


  • Emrasapien is a play on "emerald" and "sapian" Although, even some Emrasapians are green, none have emerald in them, but an unknown alien crystal.
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