Empty is an alien from Sol 10.

Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Body Faded dark-blue mummy with a silver exoskeleton
Powers and Abilities
Powers Adjective/property removal
Equipment Bladed exoskeleton
Debut It's Magic, You Know
Metric - Empty

Metric - Empty


Straight from Sol 10 because I'm too lazy to rewrite it:

The alien’s body was that of a man wrapped in a faded blue turban, similar to a mummy. On his forehead was a small white jewel or thumbnail-like plate. Below the plate, his ‘eyes’ cold be found. His ‘windows to the soul’ were nothing more than gaps in the fabric that lead to holes in the void. Metallic blades emerged from the fabric on his arms and his back, surrounding him in a silver exoskeleton. His hands were covered in what appeared to be smooth white gloves instead of purple fabric. The telltale sign of his true identity, the Omnitrix, was only slightly visible, being obscured and tucked between strips of fabric. It was found where his navel had been before.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Empty has a metallic exoskeleton outfitted with blades and spikes.
  • Empty can remove properties and adjectives from objects. For example, let's say you have a big stick. Empty removes 'big', making it just a regular stick.


  • Empty can't defeat something that's perfectly generic.



  • Empty's design, and blades, are derived from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's antagonist Kars.
  • Empty is named after a Metric song and coincidentally also a Garbage song.
  • Empty's name being left blank is a reference to the anime No Game, No Life.
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