Emoticon is a clinctozian from clinctz. Its scarf is part of him like Goop's (Anti-Gravity Projector), they are his extra extandable arms. He moves his 2 antenas on his head to look cuter and makes his opponents underastimate him. This alien barley likes to talk and has an emo-like character but sometimes a hippy-like charcater. After saying something he always says emot. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.


Credits go to DoMINo-CLE from DevineArt.


-Can generate white, bubble gum clouds from his mouth then he can transform them into ghosts (called Boogie Ghosts) with his hands

-Can sing a relaxing song that makes anyone sleep

Boogie Ghost abilities

Boogie ghost

Boogie Ghost


-Can change the emotion/fealing of any one by touching them ex. can make his opponent feel sad, happy, angry ecc. (similar to Perona from One Piece)


-Read minds

-Each Boogie Ghost can only have one emotion

-They can desolve them selves

-They can fuse to each other to create a bigger, stronger Boogie Ghost

-Can expolde making a very small expolsion

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