Here are his personalities

Ned: he has ned's personality and is the leader of the clones.

Happy: the happy clone is optimistic and easy-going he will make a friend out of anyone, and loves his clone friends, but loves kicking butt more!

Sad: the sad clone is always not easy-going, he is the saddest of the group and likes some cherring up from his clone friends. when he isn't sobbing on the floor he's kicking butt!

Mad: he hates everything, especially villians. he has to keep his cool alot. he sometimes gets fooled by villians to work for them but when he finds out he getting fooled he kicks butt!

Jealous: he wants to be whatever he isn't. he want's to be like sad, mad, ned, and happy clone. when he isn't wanting to be the other clones he is kicking butt.

there are other ones coming as ned makes them

Basic info

Species: Clonemotion

Home World: Hathor

Powers: flight, cloning, agility, small, and enhanced jumping ability

Weakness: small, and some clones don't co-operate as well as others


He is a small white sphere with stick arms and legs. he has 2 fingers, and the omnitrix is on his back.

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