Emma Reed
General Information
Species Human-Mutant
Age 16
Ethnicity Caucasian
Home World Earth
Class 2/3
Status Alive
Affiliations The Helpers
Occupations Vigilante
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Mutant Transformation
In Mutant Form:
Super Strength
Super Durability
Enhanced Leaping
Enhanced Senses
Relatives John Reed (Brother; Deceased)
Friends Drake
Adam Freeman
First Appearance Personal

Emma Reed is a character in the Mutant Drake Universe.


Emma, in her regular form, takes the appearance of an average teenager. She wears a pink shirt with light blue pants and black flats. She also has short, brown hair and brown eyes. There's a black hair band on her head as well.

In Season 3, her outfit is the same but she now wears a military jacket with pins close to the left pocket and jeans. Her hair is also cut shorter- making it less busy- and points out more.

In Mutant Form, she becomes a large, muscular Mutant with grey-blue skin. Her hair is now overgrown into a mane that resides down her back, which is now has spikes along her spine. She also has spike protruding from her shoulders and long dark-colored claws that extend from her fingers. Her face is also more animalistic with four gills replacing her eyes and a wide-stretching mouth with fangs. She also has two sharp toes on her feet.


Emma is like her brother, John; very easy-going and cooperative with others. She, however, also is more stern towards reaching her goals and becomes frustrated or worse, frightened, when feeling unable to help anyone. She's also more laid-back than her brother.

Powers and Abilities

Before becoming a Mutant, Emma possessed no powers or special abilities. But afterwards, she had gained abilities that came with her mutated form. She had super strength, durability and speed as well as enhanced senses and leaping.

After receiving multiple treatments and going through some experimentation, Emma also has gained an immunity to further mutations as well as the ability to transform into her Mutant Form at her command- and back again.




Early Life

The Incident


The Invasion

The Second Incident

Joining the Helpers



John Reed


Love Interests



Mutant Drake


  • Despite having a more prominent role in Season 3, Emma did seem to have minor roles to play in Season 1 and 2. Although, her presence in Season 2 had more of an effect on the story.


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