General Information
Species Human (formely)
⅔ Human ⅓ Deamono
Home World Earth
Residence Division's HQ
Age 16
Affiliations Division
Occupation(s) Soldier
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Light Manipulation
Wings Growing
Equipment Rifle Saber
Alias BadAngel
Miss Angel
First Appearance The Other Lineguards: Part 1

Emilie also known as BadAngel is a character from Genetic.


Emilie is a 16 years old girl with blue eyes and long black hair.

As Emilie

She wears the uniform that all members of the Division wear. That uniform features a dark grey closed jacket, a black belt and a skirt in the same color as her jacket. She also wears black boots

As BadAngel

In her Lineguard form Emilie wears a white robe with long sleeves and yellow lines that appears as symbols. Under it BadAngle has a white singlet and a short skirt in the same color. When using her powers Emilie's eyes turn yellow.


Emilie is shown to be a carrying person who always thinks before acting. Even though she is second in command the other members of her team finds her as the true leader. Emilie is shown to be in very good relations with her fellow Lineguards, however this won't stop her from mocking them.




BadAngel is shown to be a good hand to hand fighter and a skilled leader. Her powers grand her control over light.

Her ability allows her to fire yellow energy beams from her hands, and create white angel-like wings.


Her only known weakness is agains darkness.


Her main weapon is a white saber that can transforms into a rifle.


  • BadAngle is shown to has a dark counterpart in the face of BlackFire.
    • The original version of her was one of ShadowFire's two main enemies as well as a light counterpart of him, just like how BlackFire is a female counterpart of him, which creates some kind of connection between those characters.
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