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Emilia Rose Jones
coming soon, or NEVER
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Keysville
Age 9-10
Affiliations Jones Family
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Musicically inclined
Relatives Azlin Jones (older sister)
Arthur L. Jones (Grandfather)
Aliases Em
Voice Actor Emily Osment

Emilia Jones is a villain in A Hero of 10; Rebooted. She first appeared in To Beat the Heat. She is a Human from the planet Earth.


She has hair that goes down to a quarter past the shoulders tied at the end in a blue scrunchy to keep it neat and she has a baby blue streak in the back. It is parted in the front but covers part of her eyes for some punkish emo flair.

She wears a dark blue tank top with a Jack Skellington face on it. She has dark green shorts and wears black boots with green straps.


Unaware to those close to her, she is actually quite sadistic, malicious, and just plain wickedly evil. There is nothing she wouldn't do to achieve her goals which included using her sister to her advantage.

She has sociopathic tendencies and knows how to keep her cool under any kind of pressure.

Powers and Abilities

After stealing Charlotte's spellbook and magic amulet, she gained the power of magic and seems to be a fast learner with it as well.




  • She gets her name from Emily Rose, and not just the movie.