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That's why I think these transformation systems are important; letting people experience life from another angle could really help them open up their minds.

–Dr. Krauze explaining her outlook on her transformation systems, Merry X Mas

Emilia Krauze
Dr. Krauze.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Dr. Krauze
Personality Type ENFP-A (Campaigner)
Friends CrossTrix Donors
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Age 27
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment CrossTrix (Temporarily)
First Appearance Merry X Mas
Last Appearance TBA

Dr. Emilia Krauze is a supporting character in the series Tech Cross.


Emilia Krauze was born in Poland on November 2nd, 1992, shortly before her family immigrated to America. She was disowned by her parents at age 18 after coming out as a lesbian, putting her out on the streets. After getting a temporary job that allowed her to rent out a cheap apartment, she applied to Yale University and was accepted due to her unusually high performance in academics.

Working her way through college with several scholarships, she managed to graduate from Yale with a PhD in Biochemistry and quickly gained notoriety in her field for her unusual approach to tinkering with the biochemical properties of genetic material.

As aliens began to be phased more and more into human society, Dr. Krauze took every opportunity she could to study and interview them, as well as helping them find their ideal environments on Earth. She became very close friends with ten aliens in particular, who would later volunteer as donors for the CrossTrix.

At some point, she developed a stable transformation matrix technology from her experiments. Initially using the technology to create SapienSwitches that allowed aliens to make better use of Earth's infrastructure, she later developed the EvoLock system and CrossTrix


Dr. Krauze is very chipper and highly motivated, jumping from project to project with incredible speed and enthusiasm. She rarely stops to contemplate the broader implications of a finished project, and while this allows her to work faster, it also makes her somewhat irresponsible, as she may create potentially dangerous items without taking proper precautions.

She has trouble picking up on social cues and following behavioral norms, which can make her difficult to work with. She generally finds her best companionship in aliens, who have a similar difficulty figuring out human behavior. She has a very positive outlook on humans and aliens living alongside each other as part of the intergalactic community, an attitude reflected in most of her inventions.


Dr. Krauze has no true special powers of her own but possesses a very high intellect and natural talent in the fields of science and engineering.



SapienSwitches are small, switch-like transformation matrices that can transform aliens into humans; this allows individuals that would otherwise have difficulty making use of Earth's human-focused infrastructure to experience a better quality-of-life on the planet.

EvoLock System

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Dr. Krauze is the creator of the EvoLock system, but has no part in its distribution, having contracted out the distributive rights for the technology to Raivent Enterprises.


Developed as a personal project incorporating elements of the EvoLock system, the CrossTrix is a self-contained Omnitrix capable of cross-sampling DNA between the ten aliens loaded onto it and any EvoKeys inserted into the dial.


  • Dr. Krauze's last name is the Polish form of the German surname Krause, and was chosen for its superficial similarity to the word "Cross".