Emeraldelbows is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Petrosapien 3 from the planet Petropia in Universe-7781.


Emeraldelbows is a 8 foot tall crystalline humanoid. He has big arms with pointy elbows and huge shoulders. He has two spikes coming out of his back. He wears a white uniform with black pants and green shoes. His knees are coming out of his pants. The Omnitrix is on his left pec.

Powers and Abilities

Crystallokinesis: He can control crystals.

Body Morphing: He can make his arms into sharp blades.

Crystal Shard Projectiles: He can shoot crystal shards out of his fists.

Enhanced Durability: He can survived being punched out of orbit.

Enhanced Strength: He is almost as strong as a Methanosian.

Regeneration: He can regenerate.

Space Survivability: He can survive in the vacuum of space.

Arm Extension: He can extend his arms a few dozen feet.

Crystallization: He can encase things in crystal.

Heat Resistance: He cannot be affected by heat/fire.

Deflection: He body naturally deflects energy beams.

Time Ray Immunity: He cannot be harmed by time rays because "diamond doesn't age".


Sonic Vibrations: His crystals can break at the right frequency.



DNA Donor



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