Eliminator is the main antogonist in Season 1 of Ultimate X.


Eliminator is mostly evil. His only option is to eliminate X and will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Eliminator serves no one except his master, Necro, the person who told Eliminator to eliminate X in the first place.


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  • Real Name: Eliminator
  • Alias: Eliminator
  • Aligment: Neutral Evil
  • Species: None
  • Age: Less than a year
  • Height: 5,5"
  • Strength Level: Class 50+
  • Status: Alive


Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Eliminator posses great strength. Able to lift 50 tons and able to crush a giant bolder.
  • Regeneration: Eliminator can regenerate his body parts or any injuries like cuts, severed body parts, or being blown up, making him an impossible foe to defeat.
  • Shape Shifting: Eliminator has the ability to shape shift his limbs into a variety of tools and weapons like hammers, maces, and many more. He can also transform into other things like a wall, a cage, and a catapult. Eliminator can also use his shape shifting powers to transform into different people much like Mystique from X-Men.
  • Shard Projection: Eliminator has the ability to shoot explosive shards that are able to destroy almost anything. He can also grow shards on his body.
  • Elastibility: Eliminator has the ability has the ability to stretch any parts of his body to unbelievable heights.
  • Death Touch: When Eliminator stabs someone with his fingers, that person becomes poisoned and quickly dies. His fingers are also so sharp, that it can cut through almost anything.
  • Energy Absorption and Redirection: Eliminator has the ability to absorb and redirect any kind of energy from fingers.


  • His only mission is to eliminate X.
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