General Information
Species Vi Pellicano
Home World Zapavis
Body Pelican
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Beak size manipulation, electricity projection
First Appearance Between Two Dangers
Elican is a Vi Pellicano from the planet Zapavis in Bishop 10. This alien is free to use. If you use Elican, make sure to put it's appearence on this page.


Elican looks like a black Pelican.


Elican can fly, grow his beak to 20 feet wide, and can  shoot a powerful electricity bolt for his beak. When he does this, his body has electricity zapping around him. The bigger his beak, the bigger and more powerful the bolt will be. 


Elican needs to recharge for a short time after he shoots a bolt before shooting another one.


Bishop 10: Area 51

(Elican battled Charybdis)

(Elican accedently activated Vilgax the Third's Upgrade Machine)

Bishop 10: Time War

(Elican flies to the mountains and defeats the Ice X-Giant)

(Elican battled Ultra Lord)

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