Eli Wright
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 16
Affiliations Phoenix Labs
Occupation(s) Scientific Intern
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intellect
Technological Knowledge
Phoenix Labs Access
First Appearance Trial by Ordeal

Eli Wright is a character in the series, Brandon 10.


Eli Wright takes the appearance of a slightly rotund teenage boy with black hair and glasses. He wears a white lab coat over an orange shirt with blue jeans.


Eli has an open and friendly personality especially towards people he is familiar with. However, with in confrontation, Eli tends to look out for himself although he wouldn't completely ignore someone in need of his help. He's also smart, creative and inventive; always thinking of a solution to any problem. He's also passionate about his job at Phoenix Labs which includes helping others develop their own ideas and using their ideas to help influence society for the better.

Powers and Abilities

As a regular Human, Eli has no signficiant abilities however he is incredibly clever and well versed in technology. Despite it not being his strong suit, Eli has some comprehension of biology and genetics as well as hacking.


Without any special powers, Eli is left open to a series of attacks that can render him injured or worse.






Love Interests



Ultimate Hero


  • Eli was planned on being apart of the main team during early development of Ultimate Hero. However, his role in the series was soon replaced by James Tompkins.
    • With the concept of Phoenix Labs coming into play, Eli's character was finally given a place in the series.
  • His surname was not originally going to be Wright but, due to the circumstances, one was just generally picked for him. The Writer, at the time, was using Ace Attorney as a base for the episode that Eli has debuted in so it's possible that the name Wright was taken from its lead character, Phoenix Wright.


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