Eleventh PhDoctor
PhDoctor 11th Regeneration
General Information
Species Time Lord


Home World Gallifrey
DNA source The Doctor
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Different incarnations of himself
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Binary Vascular System

Immunity to Space Vacuum

Increased Sound Resilience

Healing Coma

Radiation Absorption

High Electrocution Immunity


Regeneration (2 times, 13 incarnations in all)

Equipment TARDIS

Sonic Screwdriver

Psychic Paper

Voice Actor Richard

Eleventh PhDoctor is the eleventh incarnation of the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Time Lord, also known as a Gallifreyan, from Gallifrey.


He was a capricious and adventurous incarnation, wishing to put the days of the War behind him. However, by this point in his life, his reputation had grown immense, attracting a new strain of conflicts in place of the war. Wishing to withdraw from the dangers it created, he became a secretive and guileful individual for the sake of himself and those he held close.


His general build is that of Rook, but he has a red and black outfit, red eyes, normal colored skin and hair, and the Alpha-Omegatrix on his right wrist.


As a Time Lord, he has many powers. A binary vascular system, immunity to the vacuum of space, increased sound resilience, healing coma, radiation absorption, high electrocution immunity, telepathy, and regeneration up to 2 times, having 13 incarnations in all.

The Alpha-Omegatrix gives him what most Time Lords have, a sonic screwdriver, a psychic paper, and a TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension In Space. This gives him a few controls over things, ebducing someone into seeing what he wants, and time-space travel.


He has fatal reactions to one of his hearts not working.

Although he can regenerate 2 times, after his 13th incarnation, Richard does not have access to him.



  • His personality and death are that of the Eleventh Doctor.
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