The Eletrix is a bracelet device created by Azmuth from the T-Dimension, and it was designed to reenergize cities and even planets.




The Eletrix was first created after Azmuth tried to create life on Galvan B using the Helix, which collapsed and caused an EMP, affecting Galvan Prime's electric systems and causing a major storm on the planet. In order to correct his misdoing, Azmuth used the Voliticus Biopsis he had invented prior to that to collect DNA samples from species with electric abilities. However, when he was travelling with the device to another solar system, he was ambushed by the Incurseans, who sought for revenge after on the scientist's creation being the reason why their planet was destroyed, that being the Ascalon sword. The mother-ship fired at Azmuth's, causing him to leave with the Eletrix on a pod and crash on the planet Earth.



  1. Shocksquatch
  2. Buzzshock
  3. AmpFibian
  4. Feedback
  5. Batbolt
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Eye Guy
  8. Frankenstrike
  9. Shock Rock
  10. Anteaplug



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