Zon's original design

Elemental Monkey is from the series Beyond 10.

He is owned by BeyondBryce and BeyondBryce only.

Powers and Abilitys

Currently known powers

Is able to manipulate/control fire.


Currently Known

He is very small physicaly, so if for some reason his powers are taken away, he would be very vulnerable/usless.


Beyond 10

Less Than Identical

In Less Than Identical, he is named Elementail. He will appear sometime in Season One.

Stew 10

  • None yet, but he will still be known as Elemental Monkey.

Alternate Forms

1 of his altenate forms is in Mark 10.


Similar to that of Spider Monkeys



  • First alien to be featured/used.
  • Full extent of powers are not realized when he is first used


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