Electronia is a planet that is home to the Electrons in Brandon 10.


Electronia is described as a bright and blue planet. It has technological patterns on it and many great cities.


Electronia was lost at some time and inhabitants were forced to be trapped within an electronic device on Earth. When the Electrons were freed, they returned to their home planet and started over again. They made it bigger and better with technology and sciences. After years, the Zonarians came to Electronia and took over. They destroyed countless cities and took control of the planet; possibly destroying it. After the Battle for Earth, The Zonarians retreated to their home world where Electronia was in the hands of the surviving Electrons. Erudiden then recreated Electronia using pieces from inhabitanted planet-like structures and more. After a while, Electronia was back online.

Known Inhabitants


Original Series

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


  • Electronia was supposed to be a Hive Planet but was changed in Alien Force.
  • Electronia is known to be one of the skilled and more powerful planets in the universe.


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