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Electrons are an alien species who live on a planet called Electronia from the series, Brandon 10.


Electrons resemble big electrical currents with bone-like structures within their bodies. They have only one eye and have a pattern of different types of blue.

Powers and Abilities

Since they are electric based aliens, they have the ability to shoot electricity our from their hands. When focused, they can also create giant electrical currents which look similar to Gamma Rays. They also have the ability to fly and hover. They can enter and absorb energy from electrical and virtual structures and machines such as generators, video games, computers and many others.

Noticeable Electrons


Original Series

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


  • When being reformed in the Omnitrix, Electron DNA turns from blue to green.
  • The Electrons were temporally a hostile species until a peace treaty was made with Brandon and the Earth which lead to them becoming non-hostile and a neutral species.
  • The Electron used to be simple and hive minded aliens but developed into one of the most superior species in the universe.