Electron is an alien form in Imad 10, a good alien with all-around good stats to use when firepower is required. It's the DNA sample pf an Elektrite from the planet Foudroya (From "Foudre", French for lightning).

Foudroya is a very active planet where Energy production is a must to sustain the high-tech machinery the Elektrite society runs on. However, this stressful mode of life and their electrical nature makes Elektrites VERY aggressive, easily annoyed, prone to anger and susceptible beings. This forced them to form a strong peace keeping force to control the populace's destructive hissy-fits, but even said peacekeepers are at risk of succumbing to their destructive rage instincts.

Electron possess a wide array of electrokinetic powers, like shooting lightning bolts, absorbing energy, and transforming into raw electric energy and travel with the current. But he can still be electrocuted by another being's electrical discharge if taken by surprise or not properly focusing. With proper training, Electron can also read electric pulses in one's mind, enabling him to read their thoughts.

Ultimate Electron

Ultimate Electron is its evolved form.

Ult Elec.jpg

Appearance-wise, UE resembles a bulkier Lodestar, with floating limbs physically disconnected from his main body, a metallic torso with thick shoulder-pads. The robotic head too floats above the neckline. The alien has an overall yellowish tone with white patterns.

UE has superior mastery over electricity and other forms of energy compared to its base form, and gains dominion over magnetism as well. He's able to conjure and shoot explosive electromagnetic blasts. Even his Pincer-Hands alone can pack serious damage in a melee fight, they can also be fired over a distance as a ranged weapon. He can still read thoughts, transform into pure energy and travel through electric currents, but at a much faster rate, and the energy surge he turns to now is much more potent.

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