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General Information
Species Electrosapien
Home World Electropia
Body Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Mind Control
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Stregth
First Appearance False Identities (BTUP)

Electrohacker is the Codon Stream's sample of an Electrosapien from the planet Electropia.


He has a large, bulky body with green armor on his elbows, shoulders, and knees. He is an electric alien and has eyes that glow neon in the dark.

Powers and Abilities[]

He can fly for up to 15 hours and then he has to recharge. He can fire up to 594 watts of electricity. He can give people powerful memory loss, and even brainwash them if it's strong enough. 

It has been recently revealed that he has night vision as well, due to his "neon eyes". If ever in an extremely difficult situation, he can create a mini-explosion of energy, striking everything and everyone around him in a 3 mile radius. However, it is recommended by Plumbers, Professor Paradox, Electrosapiens, and Azmuth not to do so, because after the energy explosion fades away, Electrohacker will be vulnerable to most attacks.


A giant can of bug spray (Not kidding. On his planet, the chemicals in it are deadly). Frost can fry his entire system, shutting him down completely.


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