These are the specices of ElectriDlat.


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Thunder fang Electric tail Tail spin

Home Planet


First Debut

One odd dream

Body Type



These Aliens are small and can be rather lazy, it's hinted they came from a British/German labratory by their speech pattern that oftenly turns into English when they are exhausted. They reside on the ocean floor where bumpy rocks potentially useful to become Soap are located.

When Predators or intruding Aliens are spotted, they usually releash their electricty out at them. Soap is unusally nutritous to their slug body carrying pure water which is kept clean by soap, however, if they do not eat the soap rocks then their body will be a dark nasty brown filled of waste.

Their yellow eyes are able to spot out hot and cold area's suitable to rest on.Their clawed feet are able to walk on heated ground and lie their to be heated of any uneeded insects that can puncture their plastic wrapped body.

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