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General Information
Species Electriebug
Home World  ???
Body Upchunk/Stink fly
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electric tail

Electric fang

Tail spin

First Appearance Uhhh...Scary farm house?

This Alien is unlocked on Cassie Benny's Omnidewtrix


This little fella is Small in size and shape, but it can travel on thick spider webs since it lives in the darkest caves and travels on thick webbing to their prey. They are able to shoot electrical balls from their mouth after digesting water or soap that react to a special chamical in their stomach to create what is thought to be impossible, electricitiy.

It's body is made out of rubber containing the water provinding life to it's little sluggish insides that regrow the legs everytime one of them gets broken off.

Their language is a mixture of German and British, thus the combonation of hearing "Whaz zhe bloody--" is unbelievable to the human ear until they see the source of this interupted statement sitting beside their feet like a crab/slug.


Cassie 12: Original Series

Uhhh...Scary farm house? Debut, scare off a racoon

Anna's power discovery escapes and fights OSG

Captured Tai to fight Tailiz

A startling Revelation powers,abilities used by Uncle Stallion.

Who is this? by accident.

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