General Information
Species Insect
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance TBA

Electflies is an alien that appears in Marx 21


Electflies is a tiny insect-like alien and he has 3 antennae, 2 large wings, and a tiny needle.

Powers and Ability

Electflies has the ability to fly. He is very agile, and his wings glow very light when he doesn't move.

Electflies has the ability to absorb electric to send out a very powerful thunder beam, He absorbs energy through his antennae.

Electflies can use his speed to pass through any electrical source

Electflies can control electricity and can inhabit electrical devices, controlling them from the inside in some cases powering them. However, he can also cause electrical technology to malfunction and fry when he passes through them.


  • Water is his greatest weakness since it can kill him
  • Electflies's size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents


  • He doesn't have legs since he always in the air all the times.
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