This is the info page for Elec Trick, which is the eighth episode of Evan Billion.

Major Events

  • The gang get trapped in an electric sphere.
  • Trius gets squished by a bunch of stuff.



  • Trius
  • The Flybot
  • Kapturebot
  • Pyropuck
  • Flatbot(unofficial name)
  • Copybot

Aliens Used

Trivia and Goofs

  • Second episode where the gang don't travel anywhere. First was Ben's Real Part 1: Telling Ya
  • Since this episode takes place before Beat B.E.A.T., Kevin shouldn't know about Rath. All episodes after Beat B.E.A.T. happen during Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, and Rath was originated in Alien Force. So this episode could take place after Beat B.E.A.T.
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