Elduris is a character in the series Plumbers. He is one of the major characters. He is so crazy he almost doesn't have friends.


Elduris is totally crazy, mentally unstable, and almost doesn't have a personality. He is a pyromaniac (loves to see things burn), and a cryomaniac (if that is possible, loves to freeze things). He is considered dangerous by everyone. A secret he has is that he is actually a supergenius, even smarter than Azmuth, though it is cancelled by he craziness.


Elduris uses his power almost always.

  • Pyrokinesis, controlling and shooting fire
  • Cryokinesis, controlling and shooting ice
  • Regenerating from being destroyed


  • Totally crazy
  • He is pyromaniac and a cryomaniac

Species and Planet

Species: Crazed Elements (unofficial name)

Planet: Insania (unofficial name)



  • Elduris: Fire!!!! Hahahahaha! I love fire! No, wait! Ice! Hahahahahahaha! Fire! Ice! Fire! Ice! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peixes: Is that guy okay?
  • Decibel: No, and he never will be.


Elduris is exactly like Frozen Flame without a omnitrix symbol.

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