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Elder Glades is an aged Methanosian, having long left his blossomed form behind, he's now aged into his Wooden Form. Now stiff and tree-like, he can barely move and sadly the young ones take advantage of such by leaving him out in the rain. Much to his dismay. He is often seen in the background of Undertown.

He is a free use character (please take him, he needs to get out more!)

Physical Appearance

Some may compare his looks to that of Swampfire before maturing, but that is due to the red and yellow petals having fallen off with age. Like most of his kind, he is a tall figure that seems composed of plant life. Though the plant life is no longer the green, flexible vines of youth. He now seems to be composed brown, thicken tree bark, lacking leaves like a dying tree in winter. He resumes the blacken face of his teenage years, but in place of the red/yellow petals are a "crown" of branches and thorns grown above his head. His body stiffen, practically frozen in the same position like a statue.


You could describe him as the "grouchy grandpa" among the latest generation for his people on Earth. He's scowling, pranked mercilessly by the younger generation, calling them "ingrates" and he's a bit bitter about his youth being blown away like leaves in the wind. He's really sour about how kids will just leave out in the rain or under a dripping rain gutter, and he can't simply move to do anything about it.

Though he shows a sour attitude, he does care about his "pod" (term for methanosian youth). He encourages them to get an education, even if it's heavily earth-based, and he'll warn them to stay away from danger.


Due to olden age and fleeting lifespan, Elder Glades' abilities have sort of dwindled sufficiently over the years:

  • Regeneration- Due to the harden state of his extremities as well as his body no longer producing anymore Ziephyll, his body no longer regenerates. Any damage now would be permanent.
  • Pyrokinesis - Due to his body no longer producing the methane needed, his pyrokinetics are barely lit, hardly making sparks. The change in environment probably not helping.
  • Chlorokinesis - Fortunately for Elder Glades, his ability to control plant life is the one thing lively about him. Able to produce a chemical that enables him absolute control over the local flora, he uses such to interact with the world externally in his current states. Essentially, he's turned Earth plants into his brand new nurse.

Other Appearances

As stated very above, Elder Glades is a free use character. Use him at your leisure, just merely list his appearances here, so we can keep track of the old fella.

(Elder Glades: Come on, you ingrates! Bring me along! Before it rains!)


  • This character was heavily inspired by the works of Ink Tank, primarily their And Beyond video about Methanos. Any and all credit necessary, goes to them.
  • The 'Wooden Form' is clearly inspired/based on that of Ultimate Swampfire, though in appearance only.
  • Unlike Ultimate Swampfire, Elder Glades cannot move since his wooden form hasn't adapted to bend via evolution.
  • Elder Glades name is a combination between the words "Elder" and "Everglades".