Elaskimo tno
General Information
Species Kraaho
Home Planet Unknown
Body Humanoid
Abilities Elasticity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Super Durability
Heat Resistance
Lightning Immunity
Ice Breath
Chest Inflation
First Appearance Operation: Benzarro

Elaskimo (Elastigirl when used by Kai) is the Ultimatrix MK10/Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kraaho from an unknown planet


Ben as Elaskimo

Elaskimo has light bluish purple-skin, with big white eyebrows and purple hair. He wears green winter wear, the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Kai as Elastigirl

Ester wears a white jacket, with red fur collars and cuffs, red stockings, and white snow shoes. She has black hair and a tiara with the Omnitrix at the top. Elastigirl also has red eyes and tan skin, with red purple markings on her cheeks, and large reddish eyebrows.

Powers and Abilities

Elaskimo's primary ability is stretching and elasticity. His body is made of rubber, and is able to stretch any part of his body. He has enhanced strength and agility to go along with it, making him strong in battle. He can twist his body up like a corkscrew to increase the power of his attacks.

Opposed to canon Kraaho, his body is extremely resilient, as his rubber body can absorb all forms of blunt force trauma. He is reletively unharmed from physical attacks or harm, and bullets can't pierce his body. He is heat resistant, as he thrives in hot environments. Being made of rubber, he is completely immune to lightning or electricity. He can survive reentry.

He has limited cryokinesis, with his breath being naturally cold. Though not useful as a power on its own, if he inhales and inflates, as well as twists up, then he can unleash the attack with much more force, capable of freezing a wet opponent.

By inhaling a large amount of air, he can inflate his body, mainly his chest.


His limbs can be tied up, trapping him.

He needs extreme hot temperatures to survive, and doesn't do well at average Earth temperatures. In severely cold weather, his limbs freeze over, him not able to stretch as far if at all.

Sharp objects can cut him, making bladed weapons harmful to him.

Elaskimo can be harmed by extreme physical power, such as a blow from a Highbreed.




  • His name comes from combining "Elastic" and "Eskimo."
    • When Kai uses her, the name is combined by the two names "Elastic" and "Girl"
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