Ek is a Lf from Kj. He is free to use in any series. Ek appears in Random 10, Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix and Ben 10: Stupidity Force.

General Information
Species Lf
Home World Kj
DNA source Rnd
Body Pineapple
Alternate Counterparts Ultimate Ek (Ultimate form)

Awesome Ek (Awesome form)

Infinite Ek (Infinite form)

Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek (Superduper Awesome Ultimate form)

Hat Ek (Hat Form)

Auk (French Dimension)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Controlling pineapples, controlling spoons, controlling eyebrows, and controlling platypuses
First Appearance Ek: Evolutions


Ek's body shape resembles a platypus. His head is a green platypus with a large bushy unibrow, while his body is a large pineapple, sporting the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. All of Ek's limbs are metal spoons.


  • Controlling pineapples
  • Controlling platypuses
  • Controlling spoons
  • Controlling eyebrows
  • Shooting spoons or pineapples from his hands
  • Digging using his spoons
  • Spiky pineapple skin


Ek's infamous weakness is his to balloons. Exposure to balloons weakens him greatly and can eventually kill him. Many aliens abuse this weakness, including Balloony, Ultimate Balloony, Balloonar, and his natural predator, Bln.


Ek has many evolutions, mostly to make up for his weakness.

Ultimate Ek

Ultimate Ek is the evolved form of a Lf, who is larger, spikier and has a spoon tail. All of Ek's powers are increased greatly while evolved, however, while he has many defensive abilities to counter them, he is still weak to balloons and gains a new weakness, cheeseburgers.

Awesome Ek

Awesome Ek is an alternate evolution of Ek, who looks like an inverted version of Ek. Along with his normal Ek powers, he can destroy balloons by looking at them, and is immune to cheeseburgers. He is however weak to giant pickle demons from the plane of shadows.

Hat Ek

Hat Ek is the Hat Form of Ek, who can be transformed into by slapping a hat on the Omnitrix symbol. He has his normal powers, along with hat-kinesis to his list of weird powers.


Auk is French Ben's version of Ek. He is functionally the same as Ek, however, he is blue and has a moustache.

Infinite Ek

Infinite Ek is the evolved form of an evolved Lf, accessed by going Ultimate twice. Infinite Ek stands upright, has a massive unibrow, larger spikes and a darker color. Infinite Ek is incredibly powerful, while completely losing his past weaknesses of balloons and cheeseburgers. However, he gains a new but rare weakness, seeing Bigfoot in a clown suit dancing tango with Yeti in a monkey suit who both fart on Mars.

Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek

Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek is the final Ek evolution, accessed by evolving as Infinite Ek. He has all of his devolved forms abilities, although he has returned to a normal Ek look. He loses his previous weaknesses, however he gains a new weakness, which is watching R rated stuff.


Random 10

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix

He first appears in the movie Ben 10 Ultimate Fusetrix: Long Live Vilgaxia!.


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