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Eivod is an Opticoid from the planet Sightra in FAO. He is Dovie's evil, male counterpart.


Eivod looks like a color-reversed Dovie. In his human form, Ace, he has lonng, blue hair as opposed to Lusie's short, orange hair. He has green eyes and no shoes. He wears a black bodyguard shirt and white pants.

Eivod's Human Form (Ace L

Eivod's human form (Ace)

Eivod's attitude is that of a bodyguard. He won't let anyone near his boss and would even hit a girl. He's extremly negative and is always putting his team down.


Eivod wasn't planning on joining Nekam's team, but when he was living on the streets, Nekam came up and asked. When Eivod said no, Nekam gave him threats, so Eivod joined the team. He wasn't really evil, but he morphed into the Eivod he is today. When he came to Maken's dimension, when he saw Dovie, he automatically hated her. He wasn't going to let some wussy girl be his counterpart, no sir!


Eivod doesn't really think he can take over the world, so all he wants to do is make his boss proud!


  • The u-Pod