Of course, if this whole “solve the mystery” pattern keeps going for us, we’re just going to end up being a smaller, edgier version of the Scooby gang.

–Ego, Window Shopper: Part 1

General Information
Species N/A
Home World Earth
Alias Clockwork (Most commonly-used body)
Part In Team Aliens
Friends None
Relatives N/A
Age Unknown
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities InverTrix Control
First Appearance Mad World

Ego is a character from Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Ego was created sometime pre-series in an unknown incident that essentially split Aeron's psyche into two halves: one based more on the Freudian Id, and one based more on the Freudian Ego. The "Ego" part of his psyche was fused into his InverTrix, and inhabits whatever aliens Aeron summons using the device.

During Series

Ego acted as the main antagonist of Mad World, putting the city into a dream state and harassing Theodore Logical under Aeron's instruction. He was eventually defeated by the teamwork of Theo and the celebrity superhero F3 and returned to Aeron to complain about the strange plan.

He next appeared in Stairway to Heaven, assisting Aeron in his murderous escapades. He helped fight Theo at the end of the episode but notably did not try to assist when Theo tricked Aeron and got the upper hand on him.

Ego went on to appear in almost every episode of Season 2 alongside Aeron, usually transporting him from timeline to timeline and assisting with his random activities (which usually involved attempted murder).


Ego's appearance changes along with whatever alien's body he currently inhabits. As his most often-used form is Clockwork, most imagery associated with him presents him in that form.


Ego takes on the abilities of whichever alien he currently inhabits.


Being created from Aeron's "Ego", Ego is naturally calm and thoughtful, keeping a cool head in all situations as a counterbalance to Aeron's hot-bloodedness. He doesn't seem to have the same malicious intent as Aeron, simply going along with his plans because he's a part of Aeron's fractured psyche, but he does have a very prominent sarcastic streak and blunt way of speaking that often gets on Aeron's nerves.


  • Ego's two most commonly used forms are Clockwork and Phantom Lord, both mainly being used to get Aeron out of trouble.
  • Since he is a consciousness that exists inside the InverTrix, Ego is able to control the InverTrix regardless of outside input if the need arises.

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