Eggbrooder is an Allon from the planet Terradino in no series. He is free usage.


Eggbrooder has the body of an egg and short beige arms. His fingers are really dark brown claws. His head is a little bit below the top of his body. He has a long neck, but not that long. His head is mostly a square, but it splits into rectangles with a yellow eye on each. He has small head horn things like Rath, and they resemble flames. He has two small blue legs that slant down and then come down straight in the front, and the same thing in the back. Eggbrooder has a long purple tail like Jury Rigg. He is the size of Upchuck.


  • Controlling dinosaur eggs
  • Controlling prehistoric times
  • Super speed
  • Great agility
  • Time travelling to the prehistoric times
  • Sharp fangs
  • Sharp claws
  • Poisoning living things with his tail
  • Shooting fog from his fingers
  • His scratch can make anything dinosaur-like, even objects
  • Turning anything back into an egg
  • Turning any kind of egg into a dinosaur egg
  • Absorbing the abilities of any kind of bird
  • Absorbing the abilities of any kind of dinosaur
  • Shooting eggs from his bottom
  • Controlling how a dinosaur egg is cared for so they can hatch into different kinds of dinosaurs
  • Controlling how a bird egg is cared for so they can hatch into different kinds of birds
  • Evolving dinosaurs
  • Devolving dinosaurs
  • Evolving birds
  • Devolving birds


He cannot use his 1st, 2nd, 5th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, or 21st power if a monkey or one-celled organism is around. This is because the evolutionary line of human is effective, like dinosaurs or birds.



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