Efac El

An Efac El

The Efac El's are The Percolating Coffee Guy's species in Stan 14. They live on the planet Yuja.


Efac Els can range from 3'5" to 6'5". They have bird-like feet, blue green armor like scales, bulky arms, and a tail. They have openings in their palms to shoot coffee. They have small spikes on thier backs.


  • Shooting coffee out of their hands
  • Enhanced speed
  • Super strength
  • Breathing underwater
  • Drinking different liquids give their coffee different effects. Here they are.
    • Cold water: The coffee freezes whatever it hits on contact.
    • Hot water: The coffee bursts into flames on contact with its target.
    • Acid: The coffee has an acidic effect, dissolving whatever it hits.
    • Soda: The coffee is denser.


  • If the openings on his palms are covered up, and he shoots coffee, he will explode.

Known Efac Els

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