General Information
Species Incursu-ed
Home World Tesla Tellure
Body Humanoid Eel
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Eye Beams
Enhanced Speed
Underwater Respiration
Alien Number 8
First Appearance The End of Something New, Part 2 (Mig X)
What CaT Dragged In (Project Deca)
Eelectric is the Gammatrix's DNA sample of a Incursu-ed from the planet Tesla Tellure.

He is introduced in the series Mig X, and later appears in the series Project Deca.


Eelectric is a humanoid alien with eel-like features. He has spiked fins on his head and going down his back, "sunglasses" around his eyes, as well as orange, glowing, striped lines going across his body; the skin of his body is relatively black. He has orange-colored pads on his shoulders and on his wrists with wires connecting them to each other. He wears a black, shirt-like cloth around his chest, with fin-like attributes on the sides of his torso. He has skinny legs with knee pads that are black, though the part on top of each knee is orange. He has feet with spikes on top of them with four toes and four fingers.

The Gammatrix symbol is on his lower abdomen.

Powers & Abilities

Eelectric's powers include the following:

  • Electrokinesis (Electricity Manipulation)
  • Eye Beams
  • Propulsion
  • Electroportaion
    • Eelectric can enter into any electrical terminal that is around him and can essentially travel.
  • Underwater Respiration
  • Enhanced Speed




Mig X

Project Deca


  • The species, Incursu-ed (Latin) - shock eel
  • The home world, Tesla Tellure (Latin) comes from a combination of 'tellure,' loosely translating to shock planet, and 'Tesla,' a reference to Nikola Tesla and his Tesla coils.


  • He was initially thought of around 10 years ago under the name Outage.
  • The image above was created by CaT.
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