Edge of Time War is an upcoming five-episode miniseries by Ultra3000 that details the origins and first adventures of some of the participants in the Time War. It is part of the Ben 10 NOW! franchise and takes place in Earth-32.


Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Azmuth: The Omnitrix wielder, the cousin, the best friend, the Plumber and the Omnitrix creator. These are their stories...with a twist. Experience a world where Ben found the Omnitrix...in 1 billion A.D. A world where a teenage Gwen Tennyson uses her mana powers and Omnitrix to fight the Highbreed. A world where Kevin Levin is the greatest hero of all. A world where Rook gets the Omnitrix after Ben sacrifices himself to save us all. And a world where Azmuth used the Omnitrix himself to begin his reign of terror...

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Season 1

Title Number Release Date
The Future is Now 1 Unknown
Follow Ben and co.'s adventures in the far future, where they face new and familiar threats.
Unknown 2 Unknown
Unknown 3 Unknown
Unknown 4 Unknown
Unknown 5 Unknown



To be revealed.

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