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Eddy is a character in John Smith 10. He is the story's version of Cooper Daniels.



Eddy is a classmate of John, considered the nerds of nerds. He was also a Sasquatch fanatic, and John meets him to learn about what was known about his powers, learning people thought Shocksquatch was Sasquatch. Eddy is the first to learn John wields the Omnitrix, and becomes his first partner. For the remainder of the first season, he assists John in researching the Techadon

In Season two, he reveals technopathy, giving him control of all machines. He can destroy and create them with his thoughts. He starts to appear less, but gets involved in the War with the Highbreed. Afterwards, he is trained by Wes to become a Plumber.

He later appears as a full fledged Plumber, to help fight against Diagon.

He later returns as a part of Kevin's army in the Clone Wars, pleased to be in his forces. It's revealed that he has been researching ways to defeat the Techadon since the first season. He finally develops a pulse bomb that defeats them. However, the weapon soon becomes useless against them. When John, Gwen, Kevin, Ahsoka and Lucy leave the Plumbers, he stays behind, serving under Tack for the remainder of the war.

While continuing to serve under Tack, he assists John in the battle against the New Chess Pieces.


Eddy is a tall guy with curly orange hair. He wears swimmer-like goggles over his eyes, and wears a yellow jumpsuit. He usually has a red backpack on his back. After joining the Plumbers, he wears the Plumbers uniform.


Eddy is in the sense of the word, a nerd. He is smart, and loves everything that has to do with technology, figuring out how they work. He can become obsessed with this, as seen with his research into the Techadon. John considers him a close friend, and trusts him with his life. Eddy is thankful for this, as John was his first friend. He has been shown to value duty and friendship, showing how he follows orders, yet still sacrificed his life to save Tack and Ahsoka in Traitor. He has a crush on Gwen.

Powers and Abilities

Eddy has the ability to control all forms of machinery with his mind. He can take them apart or put them together without touching them, in a matter of seconds. When he uses this power, his eys turn turquoise. His backpack can turn into a red robot suit of armor, which covers him except his head. He can activate the full suit, or just parts of it. The suit gives him enhanced strength, and can fire lasers from his hands. John has extreme faith in him, saying that he could've easily defeated Computron.

He later gains the Toltech Battle Armor, ancient alien armor from South America. He modifies it to have flamethrowers, missiles, and lasers. He has morphed it into a backpack for when not using it, and it can be used as a jetpack.

He is unable to control Techadon, or at least has never been shown to.


John Smith 10

Galactic Battle

Phantom Watch

Ancient Times


John Smith 10: Final Fantasy

Eddy appears as a member of the Highwind, the airship.



  • Eddy has the same powers as Cooper from the canon series.
  • Eddy is based off the character Philiy Phil from the cartoon Class of 3000. The reason his name is not Philiy Phil is because there is a different character from the series named Eddie, and I confused the names.
  • Eddy is the first member of John's team. 

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