General Information
Species Spiritus
Home World Necron
Body Humanoid Ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ectoplasm Manipulation
Ectokinetic Constructs
Ectoplasmic Ball Projection
Ectoplasmic Beam Emission
Shield Construction
Energy Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
First Appearance TBA

Ectospirit is the Phitrix's DNA sample of a Spiritus from the planet Necron in River of Memories.


Ectospirit's body is humanoid and he has a sky-blue skin, he wears a neon green jumpsuit, white gloves and boots, with the gloves covering ending on the middle of the forearms, white collar on the jumpsuit and high collar cape with the exterior being red and the interior black. His head resembles a humanoid head with green hair, his eyes are triangular and glowing yellow, a glowing green glow surrounds his whole body and the symbol of the Phitrix is on the center of the jumpsuit. Like most Phitrix's transformations, Ectospirit has glowing red lines around his body. The red lines appear passing the eyes, red lines the belly part of the jumpsuit that resembles a ghost and another red lines on his legs and boots.

Transformation Sequence


Powers and Abilities

Ectospirit can manipulate ectoplasm, energy associated with ghost. He can use it to a shoot energy beams of ectoplasm of several colors, the primary ones being green and pink, with blue and purple being more powerful when he concentrates enough ectoplasm. Also he can create powerful spheres of ectoplasm.

He can use the ectoplasm to create objects or weapons.

He can use the ectoplasm to create shields or a shield dome around him.

Since he's a ghost, he can turn invisible or intangible.

He can possess other living beings by entering their bodies.

He can use telekinesis to control anything with his mind.

He's able to fly.

When any energy attack tries to hit him, he can redirect them back.

He's very strong, durable and has great reflexes.


Ectospirit can get exhausted if he uses too much ectoplasm, also he's vulnerable to his own ectoplasm attacks.

The strength of his constructs depends on his own will, meaning that they can be destroyed easily if he doesn't have enough will power.

His backside is vulnerable when he's using his shields.

His invisibility won't work against enemies that can see him.

He's vulnerable to electricity and liquids or powder can cancel his invisibility.

He can't move with his telekinesis heavy or too many objects.

Those he possess can expel him from their bodies if they have enough will.






  • Ectospirit was inspired by the main protagonist and antagonist of Danny Phantom, the titular Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius.
  • His species are somewhat the counterpart of the Ectonurites, since both are ghost Aliens, but the Spiritus are pacifists and only fight when's necessary.
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